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How We Met

Michael and I met at the University of San Diego. I first noticed him at a soccer game (he was the goalkeeper), and he first noticed me at a sorority exchange. His first excuse to talk to me was to buy a swimsuit calendar from me- I was an NFL Cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers, and he wanted a calendar personally signed by me. Our first night hanging out, we talked about anything and everything on his beachside balcony until 3 am. We were hooked, and our collegiate years were from then on filled with date nights, beach days, themed parties, library study sessions, a few ditched classes, USD soccer games, and Charger games.

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Michael told me he was picking me up for dinner to meet his brother, Stephen, and his fiancee, Kathleen. Then Stephen called him and asked us to meet him to watch the sunset on the bay instead of leaving right away, and I obliged. Michael and I walked down the boardwalk, and as soon as we turned a curve and saw an open slope of sand, I saw roses and candles from a distance- I knew exactly what was happening! I started bawling, we walked over to the heart made of roses and mason jar candles (that he hot glue-gunned himself, *le sigh*), and he got down on one knee. It was better than my dreams, and then both of our families surprised us (from out-of-state) at our favorite restaurant on the water with a view of the downtown skyline! Michael and I spent the rest of the weekend at a resort he booked for us. Per. Fec. Tion.

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