Paige and Matthew

how we met

Matt and I met the summer going into our senior year of high school. We both attended separate schools and met through mutual friends. During the summer we would hang out as a group and as time went on Matt and I found ourselves making separate group chats to talk in and breaking away from the group to spend more time with each other. By October of 2011 (2 months after meeting) he officially asked me to be his girlfriend at my high schools homecoming game!

how they asked

Matt wanted to propose on Amelia Island which is where I am from originally. He had never been before and knew I always wanted to take him. We ended up going together for the first time Christmas Day of 2018. He talked to both my parents before proposing and my mom suggested he do it on Talbot Island which has scenery of large driftwood all over the beach. The day it happened Matt was acting nervous and running ahead of me on the beach. I had a feeling it was coming, but as soon as he started his proposal I still burst out in holy tears. It was a perfect moment between just the two of us.

Special Thanks