Paige and Matt

Paige and Matt's Engagement in Peirce Farm

How We Met

When we were kids, Matt was best friends with my cousin, who I grew up and was with close with. Because of this, Matt and I spent some time together as kids, but then never saw each other again for years. One day, about 15 years later, while I was working at the local town grocery store, a new kid named Matt started working with me. I didn’t recognize him, but he recognized me. He called me a childhood nickname and I was totally freaked out! I had no idea how he knew my nickname! For weeks, he would continue to try to talk to me, and I wanted nothing to do with him (oops!) Finally, I decided to give him a chance…and the rest is history!

How They Asked

I was graduating from college with my master’s degree and the whole family came to watch me graduate. It was about 85 degrees out, and the graduation was about 4 hours outside. The heat, and being dressed in my black graduation gown got me feeling pretty sick. Once graduation wrapped up, I went home to try to take a nap and feel better. Matt had planned to get the whole family together to take pictures after graduation. I asked to push back the time because I felt so sick. After napping, I texted Matt and let him know I still wasn’t feeling so hot and asked if it was too late to reschedule pictures. He told me everyone was already waiting at my brother’s farm and it was too late. I got myself together and dragged myself there. We all lined up for pictures and all of a sudden Matt said: “I lied, we aren’t here to take pictures.”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Peirce Farm

When I turned around to ask what he meant, he was down on one knee and asked: “will you marry me?” I was shocked. He got my entire family together to be there for the proposal because he knew how important they are to me. One and a half years later, we said “I do” in the exact same spot I said yes!