Paige and Landon

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How We Met

I guess I’ll start off with a little background about myself & my ||fiancé||, Landon. We both met each other nearly seven years ago while working at Harkins Theatres. We were both in committed relationships at the time, so clearly a really awesome friendship started up as we were not looking for anything, ! About two years later we both ended up single at the same time, . Obviously he was a total hottie so I called him up and invited him to Sun Splash with a few friends and that started it all. We immediately felt an attraction and continued to talk day in and day out, I mean we couldn’t get enough of each other. August 6, 2011 we made it “official” and started dating . We have been with each other going strong for ||four years|| now!

how they asked

November 26, 2015. Landon & I are both totally obsessed with Disneyland/Disney and decided to spend Thanksgiving there this year! We both haven’t been to Disneyland while it was decorated for Christmas and we both were dying to see it. Plus a break from school this semester was much needed for the both of us! We packed up our things and headed to California, November 25. The morning of Thanksgiving was a normal Disney morning, we headed to the parks and it was pretty dead ! I suggested that we head straight to the castle, with such little people there we were destined to get a fabulous photo with only a few people behind us, right!? Landon agreed without any hesitation which I found a little weird, but hey I wasn’t going to complain! We waited in line for the photographer and I was so giddy there was literally NO ONE in front of the castle, like what!? Finally it was our turn, I walked over to the spot and Landon handed his phone to the photographer.. but there was something a little fishy going on, Landon took a little longer than normal handing the photographer his cell phone. I awkwardly waited over in the picture spot thinking to myself, “oh my…” . Landon walked over to the photo spot with me and we got really close to take a few pictures together.. I could basically feel his heart ||beating|| out of his chest. Oh my gosh I thought to myself, is this really going to happen!? NO WAY! The photographer looked over to Landon and asked him, “Is there something you’d like to ask sir?” Landon stared at me with his dreamy blue eyes as he pulled out this little grey bag from his pocket. I couldn’t help but get big eyed, he pulled out this gorgeous ring and I just started balling like a big baby! It was gorgeous, more than I would have ever dreamed of. ! He sat there down on one knee for what felt like forever to me.. I kept thinking in my head, is he going to ask or just sit there!? hehe. Then he said it, “Paige Lorin, will you marry me?” “Yes!!!” I cried and cried, shaking as he put the ring on my finger. Obviously we hugged a lot, smooched, and the line of people waiting to get their photos taken and everyone else around started clapping and cheering . We then proceeded to call family and our closest friends, post on social media, and then of course celebrate with Mickey waffles !

We spent the rest of our vacation celebrating, eating lots of good food , and taking it all in.
I still am in awe when I look down at my finger & see this gorgeous ring on it!

So there it is; our Engagement Story

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