Paige and Kevin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

How We Met

It all began on a hot April day in Dallas. I had recently gotten out of a joke of a relationship (let’s be honest, we all knew it) and told my sweet friend Micaela, “NEVER EVER let me get on Tinder.” But after a margarita (or two), I convinced myself that getting a Tinder was a great idea. After just a few ‘swipe lefts’, I stumbled upon a big, burly cutie with a bright red beard. Giddily, I swiped right (it means she was interested for all you Gen X-ers out there). Luckily, that big, burly cutie had also swiped right on my profile and it was a match! After a few days of texting back and forth, Kevin and I decided it was time to meet in person. Kevin asked to pick me up at 7 for a date Monday evening. I said, “umm I don’t know you like that. I’m driving myself because you could be a murderer!” I showed up to the restaurant Kevin had chosen only to realize the restaurant was closed (fail).

After a quick conversation of where to go, we ended up at a restaurant downtown that was much fancier than the original plan (and about three times the price…thanks Kev). Kevin and I talked and laughed for a few hours until it became socially unacceptable to continue sitting at their practically-already-bussed table. As an excuse to spend more time together, we walked around a nearby park. We were immediately drawn to each other and spent any free time we had together following that date. Fast forward about a year and a half (and the binge watching of quite a few shows + about 40 Monkey King Noodle Company orders), and here we are!

Paige's Proposal in Dallas, Texas

how they asked

My best friend Micaela had asked me a couple weeks before if I wanted to go to dinner at Reunion Tower (an important part of Dallas’ skyline). I obviously said yes! I was off the day we were supposed to go because it was the day before New Years Eve. I spent the day napping, watching TV and getting my nails done (SWEAR I had no clue). She picked me up around 5 and we headed downtown! To get to the observation deck of Reunion Tower you have to wait in a line for the elevator that takes you up. We waited for a few minutes, talking about the latest; I still had absolutely no clue. We got to the observation deck, I was looking around, freaking out about how cool the view was and just as I was about to ask if she wanted to take a selfie when I saw Kevin out of the corner of my eye.

I was in complete shock and honestly don’t remember a lot of what he said but it was beautiful and amazing and I said yes! Afterward, he had planned a little party with some of our family and friends. The entire evening was such a surprise and I have never felt more loved!

Special Thanks

Micaela Rosinski
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