Paige and Kenneth

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How We Met

Ken and Paige graduated high school in the same graduating class of 2011 which only included about 220 students. Having both lived in MV their entire lives and most likely having passed each other in the hallway just about everyday for four years in high school, it may come as a surprise to you that they never spoke more than two sentences to each other that entire time. Ken even dated one of the 8 other girl’s on Paige’s tennis team their senior year. Paige actually remembers noticing the other girl with Ken during a match, thinking “wow, he’s actually kind of hot now that he FINALLY got a haircut,” and being jealous of her! About a year after graduation, Ken came back into town on break from college and was visiting with a mutual friend of theirs, Carmen. He was down because one the most serious relationships he’d ever had, recently ended. Carmen, in attempts to cheer him up and knowing Paige was playing the dating game, decided she would play matchmaker and suggest to Paige she come over to her house because she REALLY thought they would hit it off. Paige was too wrapped up in her own prospects and declined the offer but not before Carmen had already programmed Ken’s number into her phone. A few years after that, Paige finally came to the realization that she needed to find someone new. She randomly decided one night to start Snapchatting Ken. She wasn’t courageous enough to just come straight out and text him, she wasn’t sure if he even knew she had his number! So she waits and Ken responds, they chat back and forth for a few hours and eventually “exchange numbers.” (She already had his of course.) They texted back and forth for a few weeks and finally decided to meet for a date on July 20th. I guess the time since then could be summed up with “and they lived happily ever after!” Because here it is almost seven years later and they are GETTING MARRIED! If only they had listened to Carmen that first time it could be nine years instead of seven. *Insert wedding bells here*…and they lived Happily Ever After!

How They Asked

Ken and I love The Office, maybe a little too much. So, when Ken decided in April of 2019 he was going to (eventually) propose he bought a mint-colored teapot. Which, if you’ve never watched The Office (have you been living under a rock?)… I’ll give a little back story as to why this is such a cute way to propose. Jim and Pam are the main love story of the show and when it starts out, Jim loves Pam who is engaged to Roy and has “no idea” how Jim feels. A few seasons in, Jim finally works up the courage to tell Pam how he feels in a note that he hides inside a mint-colored teapot he bought her for Secret Santa that year. He bought it for her because she’s really been wanting one so she could have tea at her desk. This, of course, all goes south when Michael decides to turn Secret Santa into “Yankee Christmas,” otherwise known as a White Elephant swap, and Dwight (Jim’s nemesis/frenemy) ends up with Pam’s teapot and tells Jim he’s going to use it as a Neti Pot. Mortified, Jim begs him to hand it over and Dwight refuses. Later we find out Pam traded away her new iPod with Dwight to get the teapot back. Jim had also hidden a few other goodies in the teapot that have sentimental significance to the two of them, but we’ll get into that later. So right before she’s about to open it, Jim loses his courage and removes the note from the teapot and hides it in his back pocket. When the show is wrapping up years later after they’ve been married and had children, they go through a bit of a rough patch and Jim asks the doc crew to make a DVD of their love story which ends revealing the footage of him hiding that note from the teapot. She watches it and when the DVD ends, Jim is standing there with the note, she reads it, and they fall madly in love all over again. So essentially that teapot represents their entire epic love story from start to finish. So, using it to propose to a girl who loves The Office is obviously a perfect option.

Back in reality, when Ken received the teapot in the mail, he took the unopened Amazon box and stuck it under our bed. While watching him stick an unopened box under the bed, I asked him what he was doing? He said that it was just bike pedals for his bike that he didn’t feel like installing yet. That wasn’t that strange to me at the time seeing as he had been ordering all kinds of bike parts lately, so I just shrugged and walked away. Eight months go by and the “bike pedals” are still under the bed in an unopened box so I text Ken, “When are you planning on actually installing the bike pedals?” He responds very confused and asks, “What bike pedals??” I tell him, “You know, the ones you stuck under the bed like a year ago that you bought and then ‘didn’t feel like installing,'” to which he responded, “That’s not bike pedals.” Now obviously my interest was piqued. He went on to tell me it was none of my business what was in the box, but it might also be something for me, so I was not to open it. I then just assumed it was a Christmas present and left it where it was. I, of course, being the Nancy Drew enthusiast that I am, couldn’t just leave it at that, so I looked up the company name written on the return address on amazon, and it was a cooking utensil supply store!? I was like, “This can’t be right; Ken KNOWS I don’t cook. Why would he buy me a cooking utensil for a PRESENT?” So, I then looked up the actual address on Google maps which showed an office park and no detail of what was inside. Nonetheless, I was left with more questions than answers.

Six more months go by, both Christmas and my birthday have come and went, and the box remained where it was, unopened. At this point clearly, it wasn’t just a Christmas present, it had been under the bed for well over a year! I had told both Andrea and Shannon about the box and it was a topic of semi-frequent discussion. I decided to confront Ken about the box, I randomly told him one day that I was going to open the box if he didn’t tell me what was in it! His response was one of those legendarily witty and equally annoying statements that he throws out occasionally, and he always does it so instantaneously, that it leaves me utterly speechless. He immediately retorted, very calmly, “The box is full of trust and if you open it, it’ll let all the trust out. So, go ahead and open it if you want to, Paige.” Speechless. Obviously, I couldn’t open the box now, I mean, after that!? Wow, just wow. So here I am, with this box under the bed unable to open it just wondering what it could possibly be. Meanwhile, more months go by and the box fades from my mind. Being engaged is still prominently at the forefront of my mind, however, and I’m continuously bring it up to Ken and even when I’m not bringing it up, other people are. So, I’m getting antsier and antsier about it, and as the year comes to an end, I start thinking about how I want him to do it and begin realizing there’s a very real chance he might propose to me during Christmas time, the most cliched time of the year to propose. After almost SEVEN years I was thinking surely, he could come up with SOMETHING more creative than proposing to me for CHRISTMAS. So, one day, I told him “Ken, if you propose to me during Christmas, I’ll say no.” All serious like to make sure he really gets the picture. A few nights later I had a dream in which it was Christmas, and we were all at Grandma Carolyn’s house and she was putting on a White Elephant swap (this was something we had done there before, so not very farfetched), when it came time for me to pick my gift, Ken told me one of them was meant for me, so I picked that one. In the dream, Ken had planned this all out and before I could open it, it got stolen by multiple people just like in the show and I then had to barter to get it back. So, when I finally got it back, I opened it and it was a mint-colored teapot with the ring box inside. I then woke up in a tizzy, wanting that exact thing to happen and knowing I had completely ruined any chance of that by telling Ken not to propose on Christmas which I then realized was such a terrible thing to do! I apologized to Ken and told him he should propose to me whenever and however he wanted and that I knew no matter what he came up with, it would be special! I had that dream sometime at the end of November and by the time Christmas came around I had CONVINCED myself there was zero chance it would happen because it was a DREAM and that would be insane, and I REALLY did not want to be disappointed if it didn’t happen. I mean after seven years I knew better than to get my hopes up, but something had shifted with Ken and his overall mannerisms while answering my relentless marriage related questions and I couldn’t help but yearn. I also told Andrea about my dream and she, having been told by Ken that he had bought the ring, responded somewhat strangely as well but I couldn’t let that get my hopes up either, so I chalked it up to wishful thinking. Ken told me about a week before Christmas that he had already bought my Christmas presents. I, jokingly of course, told him that they better be well hidden cause if not I’d be opening them! He then told me they were at his mom’s house to deter me from searching for them (because they weren’t even in anything to conceal what they were), which I later found out was a lie, he had put them under a pillow on the guest bed which I literally sat on right in front of him only a few hours after the fib! So, a few days later when I found out that my presents were in fact in the house, I checked the box under the bed just to see if it had by chance been opened and it had not been! At this point I knew the box HAD to have something to do with a proposal because it was clearly not a regular gift, and it couldn’t be for Christmas because Ken explicitly said he got me gifts plural. I immediately texted Andrea and told her I definitely wasn’t going to be engaged anytime soon because he already got all my Christmas presents and the box hadn’t even been moved! She responded, trying to make sure I didn’t ruin the surprise, kind of cantankerously and said I’d better leave it alone because I was probably making him crazy and if he found out that I was snooping he’d probably be upset! This further convinced me that I was not being proposed to and it would just be a regular Christmas after all, especially since not even ANDREA was taking my side.

Two days later was Christmas Eve and we were going to Ken’s brother’s house to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. I gathered up all the gifts I had wrapped for everyone, and we started loading the car, unbeknownst to me Ken had loaded the unwrapped box from under the bed into the car with all the other wrapped gifts. When we got to the house there was a random extra box in the car…so I just figured it was some fishing stuff for his brother or something and ignored it. Later, I realized Ken brought the box in and sat it with all the other gifts, so now my mind was going a mile a minute. “What the heck,” I thought, “is that the box from under the bed?! Why would he have brought that?” So, we then eat and hand out all the gifts and the box remained on the floor until everyone is done opening their gifts. Obviously, I was freaking out, but I was trying to keep my cool. At this point, everyone is still sitting around, and Ken goes, “That box is for you, Paige.” I think I replied something like “No, it’s not.” Or “It is?” So, I get the box, while everyone is STARING at me, might I add, open it and there is a bunch of stuff in it! He got me a rechargeable headlamp (so I stop requiring him to bring his home from work), a universal wrench which I didn’t even know existed, a huge thing of PURPLE disposable masks which I was so excited for (probably my favorite gift to be honest), and finally a mint-colored teapot!I went through all the other stuff before the teapot, just because. When I finally got to the teapot, I opened it and he had put all these wonderful things in it! Now, a side note, Jim put loads of sentimental items in Pam’s teapot as “bonus gifts” for her, here’s a list of the items Jim included; a cassette tape (presumably some type of mixtape), a high school yearbook photo of Jim (because this made Pam laugh so hard at the BBQ), a Boggle timer, two hot sauce packets that Pam once mistook as ketchup, and a miniature golf pencil which Pam once threw at Jim after losing. So, Ken’s version was similar with a twist of us added. Ken’s version of the mixtape was a piece of cardboard he hand-drew a “cassette tape” onto, because in the time he allotted himself to prepare for this proposal (the day of) he couldn’t find a cassette tape anywhere, but the thought and effort were still there so I’ll give him a pass! He went CVS with one of my year books and got a copy of his yearbook photo made, which I thought was hilarious. He got an hourglass timer out of one of our board games, this is cute to us because we do often play boardgames together! He included two Freddy’s sauce packets because we’re obsessed with Freddy’s sauce and a miniature golf pencil (it wouldn’t surprise me at all if I had ever thrown one of these at Ken after losing to him!) Now, when I got all the “stuff” out of the teapot I really expected there to be a ring box at the bottom but all that was left at the bottom of the teapot was a note inside an envelope, no ring or ring box to be found! During my struggle, for what felt like hours, to get the envelope out of the tiny mouth of the teapot without ripping it, in my head I was thinking “if this man seriously went to all this trouble JUST to write me some sappy love note that I’d have to read in front of his ENTIRE family and there’s no ring, I’m going to lose it!” But then finally I got the note out safely, opened it and it said “Paige Knowles, marrying me will you be?” which then caused me to look at Ken and he was on one knee with the ring, and he said, “Will you?” which I replied “OBVIOUSLY!” to and that was it, we hugged and we were engaged! In hindsight, I wish I had said “Your wife becoming, be will I.” Oh well, I was a little frazzled, should’a had hindsight!😉

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