Paige and Joshua

How We Met

It all started about 3.5 years ago when Josh & myself (separately) met up with friends downtown, little did we know the connection of friends we had were so close. After 1 night together filled with laughter, we knew something special had just been created and we were officially dating within weeks later.

How They Asked

After 2 years of dating, we rented an apartment together and with that lease coming to an end, we knew we wanted to start looking for a house together. We saw a few places and walked into a foreclosed place (with an amazing pool, I might add) and I just looked around at all the work to be done, while my other half looked at all the opportunities and memories to be made. We put in an offer and boom we got it, I had put my full trust in Josh and our ability to fix this place up. Our families were coming into town to help us move in and were SO excited; I couldn’t believe that we just bought our first place! It was so amazing to have our families finally meet after years of dating and to have them all in OUR home. We were all sweaty and gross after a full day of moving, so we did a celebratory jump in the pool and then Josh asked me to come out front to take pictures in front of the house before our families departed. I was thinking, oh great, I look a mess, we just jumped in the pool!

Paige and Joshua's Engagement in Fort Myers, FL

Nevertheless, he took me out to the front of our new home and in the middle of taking pictures to my surprise there was a “will you marry me” written on the driveway in chalk and he got down on one knee and proposed.

I couldn’t even believe it and yelled “what?!” and then broke down in tears and hugged him. “YES, of course!” It was literally the most perfect day to start the rest of our life, we bought a house and got engaged. I cannot wait to marry the love of my life and experience so much more ahead.