Paige and Josh

how we met

We met through mutual friends. A few facebook messages later (3-4months later!) I had a first date.

how they asked

So, I had just closed some really good deals (real estate) so I finally had a devent amount of money in my bank account. I had a life coach at the time that basically said “What are you waiting for? You have the money for the ring, go buy it!” So that is what I did. We had planned a trip to Belize before I knew that I was going to be buying the ring so it turned out to be a great time for me to purpose. When we got to Belize I had to come up with a plan on the fly since we didn’t make any plans for the trip until we got there. I found a nice restaurant on the beach that had an awesome peer on the water with a porch swing on it, So I convincer her to go there after dinner. I had the server bring us drinks out to the peer and as they did that I got down on one knee and popped the question. As for it being a surprise, She knows me all to well had figured it out the day before but the reaction was still priceless.

Special Thanks

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