Paige and Johnny

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How We Met

Johnny and I met at The Sutler (a bar in our hometown of Nashville) in February of 2016. It was a rainy Tuesday night and I had no intentions of being out late, but we shut the place down and then grabbed drinks at the bar nextdoor! Everything was so natural and he was such a gentleman. We had our second date the next night after I finished class at 9, and by our third date we were watching The Bachelorette, drinking wine and judging people on reality TV shows together (what can I say, he knew the way to my heart). 10 weeks later he told me he loved me and the rest is history

how they asked

Two weeks before he asked, my friend Becca called and asked me to take off work on Friday, July 7th. I thought it was odd, but she was moving back to Utah on Monday and wanted to check some things off her Nashville bucket list, so I agreed to take off and have a girls day. We began the day with mani pedis, which is something we often did together so I didn’t suspect anything. We made a couple more stops on our girls day at the Gaylord Opryland resort and at the new wax museum they had put in the nearby mall. I knew most of the day would be spent playing tourist in my own city so I didn’t think anything of it. Finally, we ended at the zoo. Becca took me to a weird entrance and said her coworker had hooked her up with tickets to a guided tour. I thought it was odd but I brushed it off as nothing. The tour guides drove us behind the scenes (it felt like Jurassic Park for a second!) to the hoofstock area and we made our first stop at the giraffes (cue red flags). Giraffes are my absolute favorite animal. I was so enthralled with them I didn’t notice the GoPro camera on top of the fence that was there to record the proposal. Becca and I began feeding the giraffes and it wasn’t long until she and the tour guides backed away and Johnny walked up. He took my hands, told me I looked beautiful, and recited the most perfect speech. He even quoted a Friends line from Chandler’s vows (We both love the show so it was only fitting).

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Then we had a photoshoot with giraffes and it was magical. Our friend Nikole (who works at the zoo) had been in on the proposal the whole time and made sure everything went smoothly and our friend Jay was there to take our photos. After photos, I excitedly called my parents to tell them the news but they already knew. Everyone knew but me! We capped off the day with a fancy dinner and an evening at the symphony listening to the music from La La Land. It was the best day of my life.

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Special Thanks

Jay Foster
 | Photographer
Nikole Edmunds
 | Planning
Becca Rettenberger
 | Planning