Paige and Joe

How We Met

We consider our love story to be a testament to Gods perfect timing. Joe and I have attended the same schools since 7th grade, yet we never knew who the other person was until 5 years later when we were seniors in High School. Both Joe and I were taking a leadership elective (in different classes mind you) when our paths first crossed. The moment I first saw Joe I just knew I had to know more about him. He seemed so mysterious, not to mention a total hottie.

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Paige and Joe La's Engagement in Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston Texas

Later I would come to find out Joe that I was a “suck up prep only hung out with jocks.” (Haha) He would soon come to know the real me however, and it appeared that are random and awkward encounters became more frequent and more natural. Before we officially begin dating Joe swooned me with romantic poems, and long walks in our favorite park where we would talk for hours on end. On Monday, March 7th 2011 after lunch, going to 6th period Joe asked me to be his girlfriend on top of the Charles McCauley staircase.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston Texas

Of course I said yes, and so began our six year long relationship. Through the years we have experienced so much together. Prom king and queen, High School graduation, starting college, graduating college, starting careers, Disney World, buying a home, birthdays, anniversaries, and everything in between. The glue that is held us together through it all has been our unrelenting love for one another, and our shared faith. We both credit everything we have to our Lord and Savior.

Paige's Proposal in Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston Texas

how they asked

Exactly one week after our 6 year anniversary Joe got down on one knee and took my breath away with 4 little words. I received a message from a high school acquaintance back in early February stating that she was planning on doing a spring photo shoot to build her portfolio, and would be needing a model to pose for the pictures. I accepted with the promise of receiving a few free prints from the shoot. Little did I know her and my then boyfriend had also been planning this photo shoot for months. The photo-shoot started off completely normal. We went to a beautifully scenic park in downtown Houston, and began shooting. We went to several locations throughout the shoot, so when we came to an open lawn I thought nothing of it. She then directed me to do a specific pose where I looking down as she was looking pictures.

She then told me to turn around, and that is where I saw my best friend on his knee holding a gorgeous diamond ring. I instantly teared up.

Joe then professed his love to me, and asked me to marry him. Without a shadow of doubt I said yes, and then immediately hugged my best friend.

The full story behind that wonderful day is also available here.

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