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As the best friend of the bride since elementary school, I know her well enough to know she would never submit such anything about this day because she wouldn’t think that it was worthy of publishing. Also as the best friend of the bride, I was there and could feel all the love and emotion that went into this day and know that their story is more than worthy of publishing. Paige and Jeremy met the summer after senior year of high school hanging out in the back yard pool at Paige’s parents house when Jeremy was invited over by my now husband. Paige was dating someone else at the time, but it was obvious that Jeremy was smitten over her from their first encounters. On Christmas Day in 2015 Paige was at an aunts house with her family and future fiancé when they got a devastating call that their house was on fire, and then burned to the ground. Their family went through tremendous trials and heartache trying to rebuild after that and Jeremy not only supported her that night, but he was there every step of the way helping her family do decon and rebuild their lives.

He worked hard for a full year loving Paige and her family well and showing them what an amazing husband he would be in the future for their daughter. On December 19th, 2016, almost a full year later. Paige’s family finally had rebuilt a warm and inviting home and were closing a chapter in their lives that they felt was never ending. It was their dating anniversary and as the broke college students they are they went down to Galveston (like they try to always do to spend time together) and walk alongside the beach to celebrate. Little did Paige know Jeremy’s best friend (my husband) and I were down there setting up for a proposal. As they got out of the car to go down on the beach I think Paige started to realize what was happening and went into full on shock (see pictures).

Paige and Jeremy's Engagement in Galveston, Texas

Jeremy had the same flowers there as he gave her for the first time at the beginning of their relationship. Jeremy got down on one knee and with a beautiful background on a chilly Galveston afternoon he said the magical words “will you marry me”, and Paige, through a completely teary face said “yes”.

Paige's Proposal in Galveston, Texas

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Galveston, Texas

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Afterwards they did a small engagement shoot walking along the beach as they have done in the past and then went back to Clear Lake, Texas to Paige’s parents new house where all their family and friends were there to celebrate. Their love is genuine, hard earned, and evident to everyone around them. They plan to get married February 2018 at The Addison Grove in Austin, TX where they spent a lot of their relationship pursuing undergraduate degrees while Paige was at University of Texas Austin and Jeremy attended Texas State University in San Marcos.

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