Paige and Jeffrey

How We Met

It all started in Flint, Michigan… but we will zoom forward 62 years since we all know you’re here to find a gift on the registry to bless these soonLtoLbe newlywed lovers with ;-)

Paige and Iboth grew up in the Dakotas: her, the North and me, the South. However, we did not come to know each other until high school. Both of us attended Veritas Press Scholars Academy, a “live online classroom” school and met at the school’s “End of the Year Gathering” (EOTYG) in the lobby of the Eden Hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, sometime at the end of May 2012. It was not love at first sight, but flint and steel were most certainly soon to dance.

To set the timeline:

2012: Acquaintances

2013: Friends

2014: Courters

2015: Lovers

2016: Young, but ready.

But back to the story: After realizing all other suitors unmatched, Paige and I started talking post-EOTYG 2013 – June of that year to March 1, 2014 – when Imade a very short-notice visit to Paige’s home. I and my cousin drove 8 hours from Rapid City, SD to Fargo, ND, spending the night at Paige’s house, to tour Moorhead State University the next day. However, I rain checked on the MSU visit to spend the day with Paige. It was a short and sweet time, as My cousin and I had to drive home that same day, amassing 16 hours of on the road and only 12 hours actually in Fargo… But oh how so much worth was in that visit. That blink of a visit was the first domino to it all. It solidified the plausibility and feasibility of Paige and and my relationship. Over the next two months, our relationship grew and their hearts felt more dependent on each other with each new visit.

We courted for roughly 8 months – that means no physical contact. We were 16 when we started this. It was of our parents request, and though it was so hard and we resented it, we followed their rule. We were soon able to hold hands – and then Paige kissed me. Now, I’d kissed people before our relationship and this was something so so different, So special, I couldn’t explain it fully if I tried. Because we held off, it made something the entire world takes as first date “2nd base” rise in importance and significance. It was pure magic, I tell you.

Image 1 of Paige and Jeffrey

The photo above us Us at the End of The Year Gathering – and the photo actually won me a trip to Aruba through a Nikon competition!

Image 2 of Paige and Jeffrey

We got out to see the rainbow but all I could see was her.

Image 3 of Paige and Jeffrey

Image 4 of Paige and Jeffrey

At this moment I knew she was going to be my adventure buddy forever.

Image 5 of Paige and Jeffrey

“The back of yo head is ridic’ilous”

Image 6 of Paige and Jeffrey

This photo was one week before I would propose.

how they asked

She thought I was coming to Fargo the next day, but I left from school in Minneapolis and drove 4 hours, getting to her friend’s house at midnight. In the morning I gathered supplies, and set up a canopy tent surrounded by copper bulb lights and anthropology candles. I wrote her a proposal song on my ukulele and was practicing for so long, but still couldn’t get it all in one play through – so I was nervous. I set up everything on a rooftop patio of a popular pizza place in Fargo – Rhombus Guys – with the weather overcast and only forecasted to get worse – and rain.

I prayed like none other to get these clouds out of there and for the sun to come out – even recruited family to join in and Pray the clouds away. I planned to propose at 6:30 pm – as that was when she was going to “meet her friend for pizza” – little did she know…

Miraculously, against 60% of rain, the clouds subsided and the wind ceased, the sky was blue and the sun was setting, it was October in Fargo and no one needed a coat – it was amazing. I practiced my song one last time after I received the message, “here” from her friend. That was my “okay” that Paige was on her way.

The butterfly nerves are coming back just writing this.

I practiced my song one more time – and I got it. For the first time, I got through it perfectly! 5 seconds later, she walked around the corner and I had to start again. I told her to stand on the x and began singing and playing my song. She couldn’t stop smiling and that made me smile and she cried so I cried and I forgot a lot of the song, but it was beautiful and real. I made it through my ukulele portion, got down on one knee, secret cameras capturing from all angles and asked her to marry me (video below!). She said yes and we were so excited, for a moment we forgot to put the ring on her finger. That was 116 days ago but I can remember it just as vivid today. We have 129 days to go until we get married and this beautiful and wonderfully talented woman has so impressed me and everyday solidifies her place as the best fiancé and soon to be best wife I could ever hope and dream of.

Heres to you Paige!!! I’m gonna marry you so hard.

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These next photos are from our engagement Photoshoot with @brandoneckroth

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