Paige and Garrett

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How We Met

Garrett and I are high school sweethearts and met our junior year of high school. Our high school had about 83 students in our graduating class- so a pretty tiny school! Before this english class though, I had never even heard of Garrett! Literally never even knew of him. He was in all of the accelerated classes and this was my first year in an accelerated class.

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We sat across the room from each other, so I really didn’t get to know him until a few months into school.

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He was a wrestler in school and I was in choir/drama productions, neither of which have floats in the homecoming parade. Since our school was so small, nearly the whole school rode on floats- not many people to actually watch the parade – other than staff and people who live in our small town!

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For everyone riding on floats, they got to leave last period early to ensure the parade started right on time. Garrett and I were narrowed down as one of 4 students who did not ride on a float (we always joke that we were the only ones in the room).

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During this time, we were left alone with just us and the teacher, so we struck up small talk. He’s relatively quiet, so really, I was the one who started talking to HIM first. ;) We always joke about who started the conversation.

The parade finally started and the few left in class were released to go watch the floats. Garrett and I walked out of school together to watch the parade and chatted until it was over. I don’t know if he was interested in me or not – but I guess I kept bugging him until he started to like me. Hahaha. He’d probably say he liked me from the beginning- but this is my retelling of it. Lolol!

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A few months later, he asked me to be his girlfriend- which was the first time I said yes to him!

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There were many ups and downs in our relationship with family in our relationship which ultimately brought us stronger together. We knew what we wanted- regardless of the approval of others! It’s crazy how life really can change in such a short amount of time!


Fast forward to now, I am a junior in nursing school and he is a senior- graduating in 3 years instead of 4 at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. He is going to medical school (hopefully at IU School of Medicine) in the fall to become a surgeon (maybe orthopaedic- but could change!)

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With that being said, Garrett has made me such a better person as a whole. He is the smartest, sweetest, most compassionate soul I’ve ever known.

He treats me with respect and like a treasure. I knew I wanted a man with a special kindness- even when times get rough- and that is 100% what I have found in Garrett. I am truly blessed to be able to spend forever with my best friend.

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how they asked

Garrett and I went to the Ritz Carlton for an Ivan Amodei Magic show! Before the show, Garrett and I went to the bathroom so we wouldn’t have to go during the show.

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He leaves and comes back, telling me that we can go get in line for the show. While we were in line, a man called everyone who had front row tickets to go in. Garrett told me that we had front row tickets, so that our cue to go in. We walked in to a gorgeous room with a chandelier, stage, and lots of props set up. There were about 200 seats or so in the room.

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The show began and it was great! Half way through the show, the illusionist holds up a jar filled with scrabble pieces. He asked a man how many pieces he thinks are in the jar.

A man answered 1500 pieces. Ivan Amodei then explains that the audience needs a better comparison for what 100 tiles looks like to really have a better guess how many are in the big jar.

He goes on with the trick, asking for different people to grab handfuls of pieces from the big jar and put them into a littler jar- trying to get to about 100 tiles. Confusing to explain, but worked well in the show! Haha!
Anyway, he goes up to a little girl two seats beside me and she pulls 3 pieces from the big jar and places them in the little jar.

The illusionist comes up to me and asks me to grab 2 handfuls since the little girl only grabbed 3 pieces. He tells me, “Instead of placing your handfuls into the little jar, I want you to hold them in your hands.”

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He then asked me my name and if I would go on stage with him. I said, “Okay!” He pointed at Garrett (my now fiancé) and asked, “Are you together? You can come up and be our assistant.” Garrett and I went up on stage.

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I was still holding the two handfuls of scrabble pieces. Ivan said, “Paige, without counting, how many pieces do you think you have in your hands?” I said, “About 20.” He said, “Without counting, throw the pieces on this stool and we will count them together.”

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He starts counting them and there were 21 letters. He stops for a second and says, “It’s not about the quantity- rather than the quality…” He starts spelling out, “Paige, will you marry me?” I turn around and Garrett is on one knee.

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He said, “Paige, I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Ahhh. He’s always been a romantic, but this topped them all! <3

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Absolutely amazing night. Ivan Amodei gave us a signed book of his and some of the scrabble pieces from the proposal. When we got back to our seats, I turned and looked at Garrett and asked, “Did someone get a picture?” Photo and video were announced at the beginning to be turned off and that it was not allowed.

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A coy smile was on his face and he nodded. He proceeds to whisper, “I bought another ticket for a photographer and she videotaped the whole thing!” I was truly in shock- I actually think my jaw dropped! How did he pull this off!? I decided to just take it all for what it was- luxury. I was truly on Cloud 9.

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We ate dinner on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center at The Signature Room. When I opened my menu it said, “Congratulations on your engagement, Garrett and Paige!” WOW.. He really planned this!

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After dinner, he surprised me with an hour engagement photo session in front of the Chicago Theatre, along the river, and in front of a gorgeous Christmas tree with the same photographer that videotaped the whole proposal. During our photoshoot, Garrett surprised me with two locks.

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One with his name, one with mine. We got a video of us locking the two together and throwing the keys in the river.

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After the photoshoot, we walked back at the historic Palmer House Hotel, which we spent two nights at. It is absolutely breathtaking.

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This has been the best thing to ever happen to us and I’m so grateful to my wonderful fiancé and for all of the people who helped pull it off!

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It’s a wonderful start to a wonderful life together!

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Special Thanks

Macey Kurtz
 | Amaceying Photography
Ivan Amodei
 | Illusionist
Megan Collins
 | Hairstylist