Paige and Eli

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How We Met

Eli and I are both LDS but did not attend the same congregation. I attended a “singles ward” (a congregation of members from 18-31 years old who are not married). Eli attended a Portuguese branch because he wanted to learn Portuguese (which he did). My singles ward, along with several other wards, put together a dodgeball tournament for March 18, 2017. My friend Parker put together a team with his high school buddies but needed two more girls to join his team so my best friend Sarah and I decided to help him out. On the drive over we almost bailed but knew they needed us to fulfill the requirements to play. We didn’t know anyone except 2 guys on the team but we still had fun. While we were waiting to play our 2nd game, Parker B. and Parker W. introduced me to Eli. (And yes, we have considered naming our first child Parker because of our two friends that made it all happen.) I thought nothing of it but I later discovered it was because Eli thought I was cute and wanted to get to know me. We ended up taking 2nd place! Honestly we should have gotten 1st because the other team cheated but I won’t get into that…Sarah and I decided to start playing volleyball after the dodgeball tournament was over but before we started, Eli came out of nowhere and asked if he could take me out. Kind of surprised, I gave him my number and then we parted ways. We texted for a week and a half before we finally went on our first date but after that we spent together.

how they asked

So I get to tell the whole story here since Eli can’t interrupt. So we had only been dating for 4 months when we knew we wanted to get married. People can say it’s the typical Mormon engagement but I just knew I couldn’t go another day without being married to this man. He is so kind, funny, motivated and handsome that I would be stupid to let him go. We went ring shopping just for fun…not a good idea because I wanted a ring ASAP at that pint. About a week or so later at a family event, he asked my dad if he could marry me and without hesitation my dad said of course! On our drive home I asked Eli when would be too late to get married and when would be too soon. His response was perfect to me. He said after the first of the year would be too late and no date would be too soon. The next day we found the ring that I had to have!! The weekend of August 5th was fast approaching. A group of my friends had plans to have a weekend cabin getaway. The day before we would leave Eli asked if I would rather go to the beach instead. He already planned it with two of his friends so the next day, the four of us drove to California. I knew what was happening but decided to play dumb.

We spent the day at the beach and when we were alone, Eli said, “You know why we’re here, right?” I continued to play dumb…but he knew that. I got just a bit annoyed and asked why he was ruining the surprise because he wasn’t planning to actually propose until that night. He told me he was just so excited! It was cute. But we decided to have me still play dumb so our friends wouldn’t know that I knew. That night we went to a nice restaurant where you pay a ton of money for very little food and then walked down to La Jolla Cove as the sun was set…we were trying to make it as the sun was setting but our food took forever…literally nothing was going as planned but when Eli walked me down to the water and told me how much he loves me and he wanted to spend forever with me, I couldn’t stop crying. I said yes so fast! Knowing I get to spend forever with the most perfect man for me is the absolute best feeling ever and the proposal is exactly like us. Unpredictable and ready for anything! Bring on all the adventures!