Paige and Edward

How We Met

I was at the time of my life where I simply was taking a break from men. I had been through it all and I was done. Finally, one night, my manager, Becca, and I went out to Chuys for dinner and she told me “You have to go on dates or otherwise you will be alone!” I replied, “Yeah, I just am over it for now but you can just scroll through my Bumble if you really want!” So we continue the night with her asking me who I thought was cute and she convinced me to swipe right on certain guys. Your typical single girls night complete with chips and queso! :)

The next morning I woke up with matches and messages from a bunch of idiots per usual. I casually started chatting with a guy named Edward (who is my now fiancé). He claims he asked me out a total of five times before I actually went out with him but I say it was four times ; ) I honestly wasn’t ready to go out on dates and didn’t feel like wasting my valuable time and energy on another date gone wrong. However, He intrigued me because he was so persistent about getting to know me and taking me out which I liked that a lot. So our first meeting was at “Top of the Hill’ on Franklin Street in Chapel-Hill and he greeted me with a sunflower (Not knowing that is my favorite flower) and a toy for my dog Blue <3 So instantly, I very secretly fell in love. We had a lot of time to chat and get to know one another via text so he obviously knew about my fur child.

The date went very well. It was the first date in my entire past 10 years of dating that I was 100% myself because I truly didn’t care if he liked me or not. I was so over it that I told him “I’m really over dating” and yet the guy still pursued me! We became best friends quickly which is something I can’t say I’ve had before. Our second date was at a bar downtown Durham and we both brought our babies because we are dog lovers. We really hit it off that night and he kissed me in the parking lot before we left each other and I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night. On our third date, he took me to bark in the park, at Durham Bulls. The rest is history <3

how they asked

I’m ENGAGED! And y’all- I’m not engaged to someone just for the heck of it- I’m engaged to the love of my life<3

I don’t really know where to begin except to first tell you guys that he really beat even my expectations of a proposal (and that’s coming from a girl who has dreamed of this her whole life). The girl who had all expectations of dying alone because she knew she wasn’t going to settle for just anyone and was pretty set on the fact true love just wasn’t in the cards for her.

Fast Forward to a year and a half later and I’m making side comments to Edward as he is making his coffee in the morning, “Well one day if we ever get engaged..” and then kiss him on his way out the door for work. I let out a sigh and am wondering when the heck he’s going to pop the question after many previous conversations we had about being married. If you know me, you know I am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet with pretty much anything in life. (It’s not a good thing) Edward makes up for my lack of patience because he is THE most patient person I know or will ever know.

So, I’m off to get my workout in and awaiting the arrival of my sister to visit me for the day! Ed told me he bought tickets for my sister and me to go to a wine event that was being held at the Durham Bulls stadium (where he works) for that evening. Of course, being the nosy person I happen to be, I search the event and don’t see any advertisement for this wine event but could see where there had been some in the past. Obviously, I proceed to ask him why it wasn’t advertised online. He wittingly answers, “It’s because it’s a private event only for close family and friends of Durham Bulls employees.” Good enough answer for me so that was that.

I had several diff outfits laid out for my sister to help me pick out because I wanted to look cute for our sister day plus the wine event that night. (I might have also been preparing myself JUST in case, today were the day) I may have even posted an Instagram story for my friends to pick the outfit for me. My sister said anything would be cute so wear whatever. Her non-chalantness put any hope that I had it was happening today to the curb. Once I was dressed and ready to go, my sister and I ventured out to “Top of the Hill” on Franklin Street for brunch. As we were at the crosswalk I said to her ” Ya know, I kind of thought for a second that maybe today was the day Ed would propose considering we are going to eat brunch at the place where Edward and I had our first date and he was so sweet to buy those tickets just for us.” She responded with ” Yeah, I mean the thing with him is that he is always doing sweet things for you so its just going to be hard to ever know when he is actually going to do it.” Another answer that threw me off so at that point I just relaxed with my sister the rest of the day. We went to get our nails done together and she stayed chill as a cucumber (which I could have never done looking back on this knowing she was in a time crunch to get me to the stadium).

As we were already running 15 min late, we pull up to the Stadium and park and I’m telling my sister to hurry because Edward hates being late! I call him to ask where we should go. He sounds a tad bit stressed on the phone and tells me to ask for Cathy at the front desk and she would direct us. I hung up thinking “Awh he has had a long day and is stressed about the event.” We walk up to the front desk and Cathy says, “Before I take you to the event Edward wanted me to give you these.” And she hands me sunflowers! (my fav flower and also the flower he gave to me on our first date) I thought to myself that was super sweet to give to me just for a wine event. My gut started really thinking this would be so perfect if he was going to propose but my mind was shutting my gut down. We ride the elevator up and Cathy is booking it to the field. My sister stops and says “Dad is calling, I need to take this quick” and starts walking the other direction. Cathy was on a mission and wasn’t stopping for me so I just kept following her looking back for my sister. We walk into the stadium and there is a huge picture of Edward and I on the LED Board with the date at the bottom and Cathy says to me “Go down these stairs and sit anywhere you would like on the first aisle of seats.”

My heart is pounding as I’m walking down the stairs thinking “This is not a wine event, where is everyone, where did my sister go, where is Edward, this can’t be it, don’t get your hopes up.” (May have blacked out a little bit on what was happening). Right before I sit down, I notice a guy with a video camera in the dugout filming me so I say “Hi” of course thinking he looked like a co-worker of Edwards but I wasn’t 100% sure so I just left him alone. And then all of a sudden a video starts playing on a big screen! I look back to see if Edward or my sister was there and saw nothing. I watched this 15-minute long video in love, laughter, disbelief, and happy tears glancing around every few minutes to see when he was coming out. (The link to this special video and day of is below) I just wanted to hold him. There was one moment I looked up and noticed a few people taking selfies of them and the stadium. I think they realized what was going on and started watching the video for a few seconds and I thought to myself “Is this really happening to me?”

Finally, my man walks out from the dugout and I run towards him, jump on him, kiss him, and try to just hold him, but he immediately starts dragging me out on the field. At one point, I had to tell him to slow down because I was in heels and felt like I was going to face plant in front of the videographer at any second! (That would actually happen to me, but it didn’t :) ) Ed is very nervous and asks me to marry him before getting down on one knee and I say “Of course!” But also thinking in my head “Oh please don’t forget to get down on one knee.” And as I’m thinking if he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him appropriately. So many POINTS!!! My sister was taking photos the whole entire time and Brody (ended up being Edwards co-worker) was the videographer. Everything felt like a dream.

We made our way across the street to a restaurant downtown Durham where our families and some friends were there to celebrate with us. After celebrating, we come home to an apartment full of flowers, sweet notes, and champagne. A special thank you to my family and friends who have known and kept it a secret for a while (He got my whole family, his family, and my friends) in the video. A Huge shout out to my sister who couldn’t have done a better job at keeping it a secret the whole day and for being the best photographer out there! It was the very best day of my life <3

Our Video

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Blake Young (My sister is not a professional photographer but she took pictures day of!)
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