Paige and Eddy

Paige's Proposal in Downtown Wilmington, NC

How We Met

Eddy and I actually met a couple years ago in culinary school. At first I was not a fan and thought he was super cocky and wanted nothing to do with him. After about a year a mutual friend invited us all to hangout and I didn’t think he was that bad after that but never really thought of anything else. That hanged after we started working at the same bakery a couple months later. After our first date I just knew he was the one!

how they asked

It all started out with breakfast and coffee in bed (my favorite). After that we got ready for the day and went and did a little shopping after that we came back to our apartment and just spent some time together. I knew we had dinner reservations somewhere because it was our anniversary, but he wouldn’t tell me where. We got ready and he drove us down to the restaurant. It turns out to be the same restaurant we went to on our first date. It’s the cutest restaurant called Riverboat Landing. It has these little balconies that overlook the river. We sat on the same balcony that we did on our first date. We shared an amazing meal, a little champagne, and even cheesecake. After that we went down to look at the river and before I know it he takes me by the hands and pulls me aside. I see all of our families walking up with flowers in their hands and I knew exactly what was happening. Of course I said yes! We all celebrated with ice cream afterwards.

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