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How We Met

Texas Boy Meets Wisconsin Girl…

When I moved from my home state of Wisconsin to Texas, I knew adventure was inevitable. What I didn’t know was that my greatest adventure would be a Texas born and raised boy named Damon.

If you ask him, the first time I dropped into White Tail CrossFit I was immediately swept off my feet by its handsome owner. If you ask me, the first time I dropped into White Tail CrossFit I was exhausted from the move, overwhelmed by the taco options in the area, and too busy putting together IKEA furniture to take much interest in anything.

At the time, Damon was busy selling his home and in the process of purchasing a new one. There was a brief period when Damon resided with his parents while he waited for his loan to go through (#wellsfargo2016problems).

“Ya’ll swipe right/left to each other and go watch a movie.” Our mutual friend Jorge said one afternoon.

After the movie, I sent Damon a message.

“Either let me know how much my movie ticket was so I can pay you back. Or, it was a date.” I said.

“I guess it was a date.” Damon replied.

[A bunch of other cool stuff- Ice cream Saturdays…a GoRuck…vacations to San Diego and Miami…a couple of powerlifting meets…a lot of CrossFit workouts…an inflatable bull…some dance lessons…]

Fast forward a couple of years and that handsome gym owner enlisted the help of a couple close friends to execute the perfect proposal.

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how they asked

Damon had been telling me for weeks he would have to go out town for work. When he settled on the proposal date he left no detail un-attended to. He had other gym coaches cover his classes, he didn’t do his normal weekly grocery shopping, he had a duffle bag packed for “work”… He even planned an evening gym event the following Friday, knowing I would assume the proposal would happen then. After all, we met at his gym and our closest friends are at the gym, why would a girl’s mind not go there?

Our friends Amanda and Chelsey planned a girls night out the night Damon was going out of town. We were going to get drinks and see a movie to celebrate our friend Chelsey’s belated birthday. Coincidentally this was all planned at the same theater Damon and I had our first date, but I thought nothing of it (I even showed up birthday gift-in-hand for Chelsey!).

The girls had me believing we were going to see “Oceans 8” at 7:15 PM because the theater was actually showing that movie at that time. (Damon gave me far too much credit for assuming I would have become suspicious and investigated)

While the ladies and I met for drinks at a restaurant next door (intentionally selected in case Damon needed Amanda to stall us if they needed more time to set-up), several of our friends and family met at the theater. People’s invites were attached to very stern warnings and instructions that if they messed this surprise up, they very well might go missing the next day. Damon was determined to pull-off THE proposal of 2018.

The staff and coordinator at Moviehouse & Eatery Austin ensured everything went flawless. They had all of the lights and projectors turned off, resulting in a pitch black theater. They had a sign outside the door showing “Oceans 8, playing at 7:15 PM” and after there were several back-and-forth text messages with Damon, Amanda and Chelsey, we were on our way in.

The doorman lead us into the theater and in the front row. One might ask why I didn’t find that out of the ordinary… valid question. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it was the busy of my work day, the thoughts of my new puppy on its way soon, or the Mexican Martini I had before we had gotten there… but the unusually dark theater and being escorted to our seats went right over my head. It’s also worth noting that we had gotten to the theater at EXACTLY 7:15, so I figured they were rushing us in because we were late and the movie was about to start.

Then a movie played.

“Some loves take a lifetime to find…” the screen read. “Some loves only take 33 years… This is a story 2 years in the making… It all started on July 19, 2016…” and then I realized what was happened. I began to cry, I began to shake a little, and my friends grabbed my arms and started to squeal.

The video included a video he had recorded after one of our first dates, with him saying he thought I was “the one.”

The full video is available here- WARNING: 100% chance of tears.

At the designated spot in the movie, the theater raised the lights, Damon made his way down the aisle and asked me to spend my life with him. SPOILER ALERT: I said yes. (And had I said no, Damon let our friends and family know my parents had flown in and were here to take me back to Wisconsin)
We spent the rest of the night celebrating with our friends and family. And swooning over the ring he admittedly stalked my Pinterest board to find.

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