Paige and Dakota

How We Met

Dakota & Paige met on a beach in Florida, where neither was from. While they were just there on summer vacation, fate had a different idea. They were quite young, but they stayed in touch.

how they asked

10 years later, they are getting married! They were hiking as usual, and Paige said that Dakota was acting a little funny. He kept stopping and pausing to say, “….I just love you a lot!” Paige laughed as she retold me the story. Apparently, the first time he proposed, it was so foggy, they couldn’t see anything. Dakota kept saying how disappointed he was that they couldn’t see the scenery or get any decent pictures.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Snooper's Rock, Chattanooga

During the session, @freed5 lit up and asked if we could “do something silly”. He suggested re-proposing to her on this beautiful mountain, while I was there to capture it.

Well, that’s exactly what we did. Needless to say, Paige was just as thankful then as she was the first time. Congrats, Paige & Dakota!

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Nicole Bruce
Nicole Bruce