Paige and Cory

How We Met

We met online on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. I️ remember almost passing up his profile because Cory is a University of Arizona fan and I️ am an Arizona State University fan! I’m so glad I️ didn’t, because Cory is absolutely the love of my life! After we both said “yes” to each other on the app, we chatted for a few days when we decided to meet up for an actual date. We ended up meeting at a bowling alley and played a couple games. We put a bet on the second game and whoever lost would pay for dinner. Well, I️ lost and so we went to dinner in his car. Th  conversation kept flowing and after we ate and drove back to my car, we sat in his car and listened to music and just talked. I️ didn’t want the night to end! Cory will never let me live the next part down. We were standing outside my car saying goodbye and RIGHT as Cory was coming in for a kiss, I️ lost my balance and fell back on my car! I️ think Cory was super embarrassed, but I️ went back in for the kiss and then we said good night! I️ remember our second date, which was us meeting at Yogurtland and just talking. We spent a lot of time together that night and I️ remember calling my mom after the date with butterflies and a feeling that this could be it. I️ couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!  The rest is history!

how they asked

Cory proposed on 11/17/17, which was a Friday. Earlier that week, he mentioned that one of his coworkers (and our good friend) wanted us all to get together on Friday to hang out. It sounded good to me, and agreed. Normally I’m the person that would have taken control and plan it myself, but it slipped my mind that week. So Friday rolls around and we’re in a group text and agree to Tempe Town Lake (which is one of my favorite places, and where we’ve gone numerous times together) to hang out and then go get dinner. So we agree to meet at 6:30. We were running a little late as I️ had to pick up my car from the repair shop. He suggested I️ wear a dress, but I️ said no because that would have taken extra time to prepare and we were already a little late. So when we get there, Cory texts them and they said they’d be there in 20 minutes. We start walking around to kill the time and  we come to the bridge by the arts center that’s lit up at night. I️ remember asking Cory if he wanted to walk across the bridge, and he was REALLY excited about crossing it. So we walk about halfway across, look at the lake and planes coming in and then he suggests we walk further down. So we do that and then he turns toward me to grab my hands.

Cory then said “I️ love you so much and I️ want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you. We’re here at one of your favorite places and I️ just love you so much.” At this point he starts to reach for his pocket and getting down on one knee. I️ start tearing up and he asked me to marry him. Of course I️ said yes!

He then tells me that there’s people at the end of the bridge taking pictures! I️ was so shocked! We met up with them briefly before leaving, as Cory had other plans. After that, we went to my favorite restaurant, Cibo, to celebrate! It was perfect and I️ couldn’t be happier and more excited to marry the love of my life!