Paige and Cody

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How We Met: When I first met Cody Ray it was through mutual friends in college. We had shared many group dinners and trips but I never tried to pursue the relationship due to trying to avoid the awkward ‘ex-couple in the friend group’ that could potentially happen. Finally, one night I talked to my girlfriends about it and they told me to go for it. We all went out to a group Halloween party when I decided to approach him. Little did I know he’d had too much to drink and proceeded to take me on to the dance floor! Not only were his dance moves all over the place but, for some odd reason, he decided to bite my neck while we were dancing (and no, he was not dressed as a vampire)! I slapped him and told my friends how appalled I was and it was a good laugh. The next day I saw him on campus in the library and decided to act as if nothing happened and we actually had a great 5 hour conversation where things really started to become clear for both of us. From that day on we were inseparable and my friends continue to make fun of us by saying it was “love at first bite” and want us to make it our wedding hashtag. But, in all honesty our lives are so full of fun and adventure that I wouldn’t see us meeting any other way than the complete mess it was.

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how they asked: A little over three years ago he took me to his family farm to show me around and asked me to be his girlfriend on the swing by the pond. It has always been our spot since then. We have experienced many great things in our three years of life together, many sad times and happy times but the farm was always our safe haven to escape and just kind of… Be us. On June 19, 2015 I had just finished my final didactic quarter of pharmacy school and he was ready to celebrate now that some serious stress had been lifted off my (and his) shoulders! He had been excited all week telling me he had a surprise planned for me to celebrate me ending classes. My parents had told me months earlier that they had planned a trip that weekend and would not be in town to celebrate me ending classes so I figured him and I were just having a fun date night! When I arrived to his house he blindfolded me and off we went! I had no idea where or what was going on but he has always been a romantic so I honestly didn’t think twice about it. We are both students and although I always hounded him about marriage he always said we had plenty of time and that we had our whole lives ahead of us and not to rush things so I didn’t think an engagement was coming. So, since the family farm is not far from his house he drove around and slowly to extend the time to hide where we were going. When we arrived he walked me down and took off my blindfold in front of a perfect picnic on their farm with photos of us and my favorite wine! At this point I was already crying… I had no idea what was coming and was just filled with joy that he had taken the time to do something so sweet. We ate and talked (although he seemed very uneasy I had no idea what was going on) until he asked if I wanted dessert. He reached in the picnic basket, stood up, and confessed how he knew I was the one he wanted to marry from our first moments. He got down on one knee, right infront of where it started on the swing, and asked me to be his wife! Out popped the photographer and soon after he had gathered all family and friends to celebrate. My parents were in town after all and we all ate and celebrate and discussed our love! It was the best day of my life. It has been over a week and I am still on cloud nine. I can’t wait to marry this man!Image 21 of Paige and Cody Image 3 of Paige and Cody Image 4 of Paige and Cody Image 5 of Paige and Cody Image 6 of Paige and Cody Image 7 of Paige and Cody Image 8 of Paige and Cody Image 9 of Paige and Cody Image 10 of Paige and Cody Image 11 of Paige and Cody Image 12 of Paige and Cody Image 13 of Paige and Cody Image 14 of Paige and Cody Image 15 of Paige and Cody Image 16 of Paige and Cody Image 17 of Paige and Cody Image 18 of Paige and Cody Image 19 of Paige and Cody Image 20 of Paige and Cody