Paige and Cody

how we met

I was a waitress at a local favorite sports bar and grill in our small college town. One night while I was working Cody walked in and sat at the bar. His charming smile and gorgeous eyes caught my attention almost immediately. I spent the rest of trying to come up with a reason to talk to him and never did get the courage. Later that night and completely unaware he noticed me too. He walked up to me and said “I’m going to marry you someday.” and left the bar.

how they asked

It was a beautiful crisp fall day with the autumn leaves starting to cover the ground. We were on an annual golf trip “up north” and staying at a little cabin on the lake. Cody woke up early and went golfing with his dad and brothers while I went out with his mom and sisters to the downtown boutiques in Nisswa, MN. That evening we were back at the cabin and before we started a fire, Cody asked me if I wanted to take our puppy for a walk on a path that wrapped around the lake. His sister was also going to walk her dog and his sister in law asked to walk our puppy because she didn’t have a dog to walk. Once partially around the lake we stopped for a picture at a spot where the trees made an arch of the autumn leaves. As we were taking our photo I tuned to look at Cody and he was down on one knee looking up at me.

Special Thanks