Paige and Christopher


How We Met

I attend college in Pensacola, Fl as does my fiancé. He is also a Navy Reservist in Pensacola. I met him my freshman year and we became good friends, but it wasn’t until my Junior year that we started dating.

how they asked

Summer break came and he had to stay in Pensacola because of work and the Navy, and I went home to work in North Carolina.I later found out that he bought the ring the day I left for the summer, and shortly after was planning a big surprise proposal with my parents. My parents had told me that they wanted to do something special for Independence Day this year and wanted to travel and visit Wilmington, NC where there is a bunch of July 4th festivities anyway, so that didn’t surprise me.

The one thing I love in Wilmington is the USS North Carolina, an incredible battleship. Since I am a history education major, this was simply perfect! Chris and my parents planned to take a “family vacation” to Wilmington and the USS North Carolina on July 4th Weekend.

The time came and I still had no idea even though he had been calling my parents working on this surprise with me in the same room sometimes.We traveled down that Sunday and visited some local attractions all the while me suspecting nothing. Monday morning we headed to the battleship and got there shortly after it opened.

My mother said she wanted lots of picture for a family book which wasn’t unusual. Once we got on the ship, we headed to the back to take family photos. I thought it strange when my dad had only me pose for pictures, but I still went along with it. Suddenly, he said “Let’s go to the other side for pictures.” And everybody walked to the other side: I thought that was a little weird.

Once we all were on the other side, again, only I was the one posing for pictures. I went to center myself with the boat and looked behind me and saw my handsome sailor in his NWUs (which look so good on him!) approaching me with a dozen roses.


All I could think was “He’s here!” And I walked and hugged him…for a while.


Then he removed his cover and got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him.


I said, “Yes, of course!” He slipped the ring on, kissed my head, got up and kissed my forehead, and kissed me.


He then gets me to turn around and I realize I am being videoed, which happens to be the local Wilmington news. We were interviewed, and our story aired that night as the “Patriotic Proposal.”


We took pictures and spent time together as the newly engaged couple by touring the ship (although we weren’t necessarily paying attention to the ship),


we found a cute southern café for lunch, and walked around Downtown Wilmington for the rest of the day until we had to drive back to Raleigh for him to fly back to Pensacola.


I must say he certainly surprised me and it was unlike anything I could’ve ever dreamed.


Our Video

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