Paige and Christopher

Where to Propose in Epcot

How We Met

CJ and I met by living in the same small town, that kind of town that everyone knows everyone without even officially meeting them. My Stepmom was the one who actually brought us together! CJ was deployed when he first reached out to me. Once he came home, and we started to spend time together it felt like we knew each other forever and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

how they asked

CJ and I along with our best friends planned an adult weekend to Disney. Little did I know that my life was going to change forever that weekend. All day I was joking around about getting married, not even thinking at all that today would be the day he’d ask. When we got to Epcot we started our ” drinking around the world” well as Florida does best it got hot and I just wanted some shade but all CJ wanted to do was take our picture (which he’s not a fan of all the pictures always want to take).

Paige's Proposal in Epcot

I looked down and CJ was on one knee asking me to marry him, I was in total shock I couldn’t even answer him. Once I finally pulled it together I had to ask if my Daddy knew, then said yes. My fiancé is the most thoughtful person in the world, I can’t believe I get to send the rest of my life my best friend!

Special Thanks

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Henri Daussi
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