Paige and Christian

How We Met

I met him at the bar at karaoke night when I was there with my friend Lexy (us pictured on the night! He was there with his friend group who included a good friend of mine from my college track team, Jesse. Jesse introduced me to his friends, including Christian. Christian started joking around with me and we got to talking. Christian was the Designated Driver and he said he always is and he has never drunk and also never cussed!

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I got really excited cause I never met someone my same age(21 at the time) that’s never cussed before like me! Haha it was cool, he asked for my Snapchat. But I felt like that meant I was just “another girl” he was gonna add and snap twice and forget about. So I told my friend Jesse that Christian should ask for my number. Sure enough, when I said I had to go, Christian asked for my number and we have been talking non-stop for two years now! He’s my best friend:)

How They Asked

We wanted to do something different. We are doing long distance. I’m living with my mom in Indiana and he’s living in his own home in Illinois with roommates. So, we typically visit each other’s houses! But, he asked where we should go somewhere different. We only had a weekend though, so I chose Chicago. It’s fairly close to both of us (4 hours). He booked the hotel and it was sooo beautiful! We got the neatest room where all the walls were like windows! We were having a great time in Chicago. Later that night, after the sun had just set, Christian thought we should get a picture with the cityscape behind us. We set the camera up on a stool and tissue box in order to get the right shot.

We took several photos, changing the lighting each time. The thing was, he was the one being picky about the lighting (which is very unusual, he’s usually trying to get the pictures over with)! I didn’t think too much of it until he brought over a floor lamp and was still stressed about the lighting being perfect. I turned to him and said, “Why do you care so much about this picture??”. He replied by saying that, “he had a certain Instagram caption in mind. This isn’t extremely abnormal for us, we occasionally have certain pictures in mind. So I just thought oh whatever.

Now we are posing and the camera isn’t flashing as it usually does with a timer and he says “I turned the flashing off” (i didn’t know he could do this but didn’t think much into it) then he says “oh the picture probably took”. I start to walk away when he says “actually..” and BAM he’s down on one knee. I was in total shock and then I started tearing up as he talked about how he’d been wanting to ask for a while and was trying to find the perfect moment and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He then said, “Will you marry me?” to which I replied, “YES! A million times yes!”

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