Paige and Cameran

How We Met

Paige and I both went to the university of arkansas and lived in the dorm humphreys. Paige was a Pi Phi, was highly involved throughout campus, and knew everyone on her floor. I was a razorback cheerleader and was also highly involved and very social. On September 26, 2013 I was invited to go meet a couple of “cool girls” who lived in the same dorm as me. Obviously, I said of course and was taken to room 303 where Paige and her roommate Sarah lived. Paige was in bed doing homework while I started talking to her and her roommate. She was completely oblivious that I was there and paid no attention to me, she claims she remembers meeting me, but she did not act like it was a memorable encounter. She continued to ignore me even when I was pulling out all the stops and flirting to the best of my abilities. After I left, Paige said that her and her roommate talked about how cute I was. Since I wanted to get to know Paige more, I came back a couple of days later and started to stop by more frequently. We began to talk a lot more and became good friends. I started to come to her room after cheer practice every night and I knew she was starting to like me when I noticed she started to do her hair before I would get there every night. Freshmen year was coming to an end and I decided to change colleges to join a different cheer team. Although, we were both sad we decided to keep in touch and that summer, we would facetime every night for hours. At the end of June Paige came back to Arkansas from Texas and we went on our first date to hog house in Fayetteville. Then, when she came back to Fayetteville, I gave her a charm bracelet with a razorback representing where they met and a charm of the number 7 representing the day, I asked Paige to be my girlfriend. I went to uca the next semester where I did not last long before wanting to return to the u of a. The 2nd semester of sophomore year I came back to the u of a. We graduated the U of A in 2017. Paige got a job and moved to her hometown in Texas. I on the other hand got a job and kansas city, missouri. Although, very sad to be apart, we face timed every night and traveled often to see each other. I knew I was going to be with her forever even though we were living states apart. In November 2018, I bought the engagement ring and would wait until I moved to texas to propose to her. I was always terrified she would find it, so I was very careful not to ruin the surprise. In May of 2019 I got a new job and moved to texas which meant we would never be long distance again. The second I moved to Texas I knew I was ready to propose but wanted to wait for the right time. I got settled in and started to plan. While at the lake with Paige and her parents I sat on the porch with Bud (Paige’s dad) and asked to marry his daughter. Bud said “yes” and welcomed me into the family, all while paige is inside talking with her her mom not knowing what I was doing. Paige mentioned she wanted to visit Fredericksburg, Texas which was when I realized this would be the perfect time to pop the question. I looked at pictures of every winery in the city to make sure it would be perfect one. I ended up choosing grape creek vineyards and scheduled the engagement. I got a photographer and started to think of the words I would use to ask paige to marry me.

How They Asked

We started the day both excited to see the city of Fredericksburg. I had planned the whole day and had a specific schedule to follow. She was just excited to explore, all while I is very nervous knowing what I was going to do later. We went to breakfast at an old German bakery she had found. We had breakfast, walked around downtown, had a wine tasting and food pairing for lunch, and then went back to the Air BNB to get ready. I told Paige we needed to dress up because he had reservations at the restaurant at the winery and it was a nicer place. Even though it was very hot outside I had to bring my suit jacket so I would have somewhere to put the ring. We got an Uber and with every second I got a little more nervous. We arrived at Grape Creek vineyard where I surprised Paige and said I had booked a “a walking tour” aka the code word the winery uses for engagement. The manager of the winery starts talking about the start of the winery while walking to the vineyard. He walks Paige and I to the middle of the vineyard and receives a fake call and says he had to go get some more people and would be right back. He walked away and Paige immediately starts looking for grapes on the vines and starts walking away. I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer and at that moment she knew he was going to propose. I told her how much I love her and want to be with her forever. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes! Everyone at the nearby wine bar cheer and clap. I now got to tell her how I had planned this whole day and had bought her ring the year prior. She was shocked. We have been together for almost six years now and are extremely excited to get married and to share our special day with you all.


Special Thanks