Paige and Brandon

Paige and Brandon's Engagement in Akron Falls NY

Brandon proposed the Saturday before Easter. Every easter it is crazy for us and we go to three different houses. So he had earlier told me that his one aunt was having easter on Saturday instead of Sunday so everyone could hang out more and not rush. So I’m like that’s a great idea. So Saturday I got all ready to go to his aunts house who lives kinda far from us. Well he pulls into this places known as Akron falls and was like I have a surprise for you. As we are walking down the trail there are Easter eggs placed everywhere. In the eggs were pictures of us over the years of dating and I have to put the photos in order from our oldest photo to the most recent. Once in order on the back of each other photographs here were tabs that spelled out “Will You Be Mine Forever?” he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Akron Falls NY

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Akron Falls NY