Paige and Blakelund

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How We Met

Blakelund (Blake) and I met in the fall of 2011. Our Greek houses were paired up for homecoming. Our friendship grew throughout the year. It wasn’t until the next fall that we began to see each other in a new light. Blake was researching new snowboards to buy before the ski season began and wanted my opinion. We both frequented Colorado in the winter and had season passes to Vail Resorts.

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I thank our mutual love for snow and adventure for ultimately bringing us together. We finally started dating in December of 2012. Blake quickly became another member of my family. Before I knew it there was no question that Blake would be tagging along on the family ski vacations. My family has a home in Breckenridge Colorado. Throughout our relationship, this remained our favorite place to retreat and spend time together. After I graduated from Kansas State University in December of 2015 I decided to follow my dreams and become a Ski Instructor in Breckenridge. Blake fully supported my choice and was a regular visitor.

how they asked

On closing weekend Blake made his last trip out to Colorado for the season. Each year we ride up Imperial, the highest lift in North America and then hike up the summit of Peak 8. The hike we took on April 15th will forever be my favorite.

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When we arrived at the top of the ski lift we saw that the hike had been closed due to electrical activity in the area. We were both very disappointed, as we wanted to complete the hike before the season was over. I suggested that we ask Ski Patrol if it was going to reopen anytime that weekend. Little did I know I was playing right into Blake’s clever plan.

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Blake took off his snowboard and went into the ski patrol hut to see if they would be reopening the hike. He emerged with two patrollers and a “newspaper reporter”. The reporter explained that he was writing an article about closing weekend in Breckenridge. He had been interviewing the patrollers but would love interviews from Blake and I as well. They were just about to hike up the summit for a photo opportunity and invited us to join.

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I was beyond excited that we were offered a private escort up the summit. We took off our equipment, tossed it over our shoulders and began the ascent. Arriving at the top of Peak 8 is an experience that amazes me each time that I climb it. You can see for miles. Looking around I thought about how I was truly blessed to have lived in such a beautiful place all winter.

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The reporter clipped microphones onto our jackets and positioned us by the cornice overlooking the town. He conducted a very believable interview considering it was all a setup asking about our season, where we enjoyed skiing, and how often we made it out. He then asked to capture some stills to print with the article.

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We turned around to admire the town. I saw Blake change positions in the corner of my eye and peaked to see why he had moved. The teacher in me did not appreciate him not following directions. Naturally, I asked, “What are you doing?” Down on one knee, Blake asked me to marry him.

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Of course, I said “YES!” He made me the happiest girl, in our favorite place, all while taking me on another one of our crazy adventures.

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