Paige and Anthony

Where to Propose in Bayard Cutting Arboretum -- Great River NY

How We Met

Anthony and I met in 2013 at our place of work! We use to work in a long term care facility. One day when we were waiting to clock out at the end of our shift. He worked in dietary and I worked in house keeping. He spilled a cup of pudding on my lower leg and sneakers!! I got mad at first but when I first laid eyes on him I knew that I had to get to know him. I got his number from a mutual friend that also worked with us and texted him. We started talking and the rest was history!

how they asked

Anthony and I love to walk around the Arboretum on our weekends off, especially in the mornings with some coffee. So when he asked me earlier in the day if I wanted to have lunch and coffee at the cafe there I didn’t think much of it. We left the house and started driving to the arboretum when I noticed Anthony was wearing jeans. Usually we just walk around in sneaks and sweatpants, so I said to him “why are you wearing jeans?” He said he just felt like it. We arrived at the arboretum around 2 pm and walked into the house where the cafe is. We sat at a table in the corner of the room near a window.

All day and all during lunch Anthony kept his phone face down and would turn it away from me when he was texting. Which started to make me a little suspicious but I didn’t want to over think and get my hopes up. When I asked who he was talking to, he answered that he was talking to one of our friends about plans for later tonight. After we finished eating he suggested we go out the back door of the cafe and walk around the arboretum. I walked down the steps to the grass and at first I started to walk towards the left of the path when Anthony then redirected me to the right and suggested we walk through a wooden pathway that wrapped around the inside of a weeping willow.

We walked around it admiring the trees beauty and came out of the other side where we saw a bench. Anthony lead us over to the bench. We sat down on the bench for about only a minute when Anthony got up and acted like he was stretching. He then turned to me and said “Paige I just have to do this, will you marry me?” I was in complete shock!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bayard Cutting Arboretum -- Great River NY

I did not know what was happening. I at first said “no wait what are you doing!!” Since it is technically April fools and all. In which he responded “NO?!” Then I said “no yes yes yes” then I looked to my right and saw my sister Kayla, her boyfriend Jon, and my brother Chris walk out from behind a tree taking pictures and videos.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bayard Cutting Arboretum -- Great River NY

I immediately screamed “WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!???!” And started hysterical crying. When I saw them it hit me that this was real, this was actually happening, the love of my life is asking me to spend the rest of our lives together! I was hysterical crying and couldn’t even say words. I finally calmed down a little and said “OMG yes!” Anthony took the ring out and went to go put on my right hand and I said to him “IT DOESN’T GO ON THAT ONE YOU IDIOT.” LOL he was nervous!

Anthony then told me him and my sisters boyfriend Jon, came to the arboretum the day before in the pouring rain to find the perfect spot to propose, what time they were going to do it, where the 3 of them would stand, and how we would walk toward the bench. He also started planning with my sister and brother the week before, and was texting them all day and that he was so nervous. He texted Jon right before he was about to do it and said “about to stand” so they would know when to come out. I didn’t even see them behind the tree hiding! My mom lives in Florida so he even told her the plan last week as well. My dad passed away when I was young but I have an amazing step dad whom Anthony asked permission from a few months prior to the engagement. Anthony knew that having my brother and sister there would make it that much more special as we are all so close not just because we are family but because we are best friends as well. After leaving the arboretum we drove to Anthony’s sisters house where we celebrate with cake and champagne with my family and his family. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal and it was honestly the best day of my life. I feel so blessed.

Our Video

Thank you Jonathan Ullmann Kayla Reilly Chris Dudo for the amazing video and pictures . Love you all !

Posted by Anthony Michael on Saturday, April 1, 2017

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