Paige and Anthony

How We Met

We met through Facebook! So, for those of you who say internet love is not real, check again ;) That was over 6 years ago! We are high school sweethearts who have made it through some of the biggest ups and downs. The first picture is the first picture we had ever taken! The 2nd picture, is the first trip we ever took together to the Oregon coast.

Where to Propose in Old town, Scottsdale, AZ

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Old town, Scottsdale, AZ

How They Asked

We had just celebrated our 6 year anniversary in April, and we had been talking about finally making things official. I had a feeling something was going to happen, but until it really does, you just kind of put it off. Anthony’s cousin and her husband are best friends of ours and his cousin’s birthday was coming up in June, so her husband invited me to go shopping with him one day to try to come up with “ideas” for a gift. We walked around the mall for about an hour and then he explained that his wife was doing a photoshoot over in Old Town. He said that she wanted us to head over there and then Anthony, me, and them could all go to dinner together.

Paige and Anthony's Engagement in Old town, Scottsdale, AZ

When I got to Old Town, Anthony was standing on a cute, little bridge, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and my favorite bottle of wine! All our closest friends were there, got it all on video, and even had a large group of people at a restaurant watching/applauding when he got done asking! The one thing that made it so special was that he proposed on a “blue moon.” When he was down on one knee, he said that I’m a girl that you find once in a blue moon. Like, how sweet!!! It was the most precious, special moment in my life. ❤️ P.S ladies get you a man that will make you belly laugh every. single. day. Even on the day of your proposal!! Check out how hard I’m cheesin 😂

Special Thanks

Madison Heafner
 | Photographer