Paige and Alex

How We Met: We first knew of each other through the magic of the Internet. I had just started college and Paige was down visiting her dad in the same town that just happened to be where I was attending school. With the power of the Internet, she had been seeking out people to hang out with while she was in town. Long story short…that was not how we met. Try as we might, this cycle of finding each other via social networking sites and not actually meeting up lead us to the day that we did actually meet. I was in a band in Atlanta, she was now attending college at UGA. One of her good friends had recently moved to Atlanta from Charlotte and invited Paige to come out to see some bands with him. That night I noticed someone new that wasn’t usually at most Atlanta shows. I made my way pass her a few times, never stopping to talk, but I swear we had a full conversation that night. The one moment both of us took away from the night was quite hilarious. While a band was playing, a fella was standing with his knees locked and actually passed out. It seemed like the two of us were the only two to notice and our eyes locked for a few seconds. It was in that moment I knew I had to really meet her. Later, I finally mustered up the courage to ask her if she wanted to hang out with me. It turned out her best friend happened to be in Atlanta visiting some friends, so Paige made the 60 mile trip from Athens to come hang out in the city for the weekend. We together for 2 days getting to know one another. Two weeks later we went on our first date together. It was filled with awkward small talk over dinner (mainly because I was super nervous), a wonderful movie, and ice cream (that I managed to get all over my face and she sweetly wiped off with a napkin), and a kiss in the rain (like it was straight out of the movies, it was awesome).

Image 1 of Paige and Alex

Image 2 of Paige and Alex

how they asked: This one took some timing and a lot of planning. Being that I’m a photographer myself, I had to find some way to photograph the one and only proposal I ever plan to make to the woman of my dreams. Paige and I both like traveling, and we try to take a trip somewhere new each year that we’ve been together. This year was a big one. We both made our first trip to the West Coast, together. Little did she know as we were hiking mountains, walking through cities, and driving down the Scenic 101; that were were essentially taking our own engagement photos, all thanks to my handy tripod and trigger. The day we woke up in Cannon Beach, Oregon I was ready. It was going to happen that day for sure! We made our way to the beach for a morning walk to Haystack Rock. After letting my nerves get the best of me, I asked if we could take one more photo together. With the trigger acting up, she began to ger frustrated, as it was starting to rain. The camera just kept snapping photos and you could see it in her face that this was really taking far too long.
Finally…everything was set and “one more picture” turned out to be my most favorite photo that I have ever taken to date.

Image 3 of Paige and Alex

Image 4 of Paige and Alex