Paige and Aaron

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In the first home we ever shared together, our sweet apartment

How We Met

Aaron and I met in true millennial fashion: online. Although, our story is a bit unique because when he first messaged me, I was living across the world in Sweden. Even though we had never met in person, we both just knew we had found something special. For 4 months, we texted and video chatted every day. I worried that it might be “too good to be true”, and in fact when I returned home to California and left to finally meet him in person, my parents and friends tracked my whereabouts the whole time!

However, when we first laid eyes on each other in the parking lot of El Patio Restaurant in Simi Valley, it really was love at first sight. The only thing he could say was: “You are so much more beautiful in person than I could’ve ever imagined”. We proceeded to spend the day drinking banana margaritas (which I still to this day think is so odd!) and talking for hours.

How They Asked

We dated for a year before I made the decision to move to Fresno for graduate school. Although the distance was hard, we never gave up on each other and continued our relationship, long distance. After I graduated, we finally moved into our first apartment together in Long Beach. It was in that apartment, on our 4 year anniversary of dating, that Aaron got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was the most magical and perfectly intimate moment; we both knew we had beat the odds and found our happily ever after. We cannot wait to say “I do“ on 10/10/2020!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In the first home we ever shared together, our sweet apartment