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How We Met

Pat and I met a couple years back at a fundraiser for ALS, a cause we both care deeply about. We bonded instantly and spent the entire night talking to each other. I remember after leaving, I turned to my friends and said “I’m obsessed, I’m gonna marry that guy”. Little did I know… It wasn’t till a few years later that we finally started to date and we have been SO happy ever since. He is my best friend and I wouldn’t want to spend every day with anyone else.

how they asked

It was a normal Friday night for us. We came home from work, changed, and had a drink before walking to our favorite restaurant for dinner. As we were walking there, Pat brought me down a different route than we normally walk because he “needed to go to the ATM” (as he got to the ATM he realized he had money in his clip and was SO nervous that I noticed… I didnt!).

We started to walk down a dock with the best view of the Boston skyline when he said “I have a question to ask you”. Honestly, I thought he was going to ask my some stupid question so I just kept walking. He said it again. I kept walking. Then he started to poke me on my back so that I would turn around. He looked at me and grabbed my shoulders and said “I want to keep you for all the days” and then he started to get down on one knee!

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I was so surprised and SO happy!

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I could not stop sobbing.

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From there, we continued on to the restaurant. We went to the main floor bar and the bartenders handed us glasses of champagne and the whole restaurant clapped for us! Pat said he had to go to the bathroom so I realized it would probably be time to call my Mom who I thought was on vacation in Maine for the weekend! I started crying so hard on the phone with her that I had to hang up because I looked crazy sobbing alone at the bar.

Pat then said that he wanted to go to the downstairs bar. We go down the stairs and then he points to the back corner of the outside patio and said “do you know anyone over there?”. I look over and its all of our friends and family! More and more people came to surprise me throughout the night and it was just absolutely perfect.

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I know he’s the right guy for me for SO many reasons but he really nailed this one.

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Special Thanks

Anne Lee
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