Paco and Sam

Image 1 of Paco and SamHow We Met: to tell a story, one should remember its beginning. All i know is that i had a dream one night of him by my side and i woke up wanting nothing in this world but him…and my heart skipped a beat when he told me that he had the same dream.

We met at a hotel in 2009 in the heart of beirut, i was a hostess and he was a waiter back then and few months later i left. we found each other again 2 years later and we have been in love ever since.

how they asked: we were supposed to be celebrating our 3rd year together, he bought me a dress few weeks earlier and got me a book every now and then.

on that night, i had this beautiful car driving me to the same place i first saw him 5 years ago.

we drank to the memories and the years to come. and after dinner he offered me the last book. the ring was inside it, and when i looked up he was coming my way. i was paralyzed, all i remember is the smile he had on his face and the long hug that came after.

Image 2 of Paco and Sam