Basia and Pablo

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How We Met

We were both wandering the world aimlessly with the hope for a better tomorrow. Now, we wander the world together, hand in hand, with the a love that you hear about in fairy tales. Pablo calls me his angel and he is definitely mine. We met in New York in May 2015, and we clicked instantly. Individually, we are both world travelers and within a week of meeting we were on a road trip. Two weeks after that we booked our first international trip to the island of St. Lucia. We have taken numerous trips both domestic and international including most recently Colombia where his family is from, and each trip always feels like a honeymoon. Before we met, we were floating around the world looking for our soulmate, but little did we know we had been about 5 minutes away in proximity from one another for 11 years. We were practically neighbors!

how they asked

Pablo brought up the idea of a couple’s photo shoot on Honeymoon Island near Clearwater Beach, Florida for New Years, a city close to my heart. It is a city that my mother and I used to escape to while I was growing up to get away from our sorrows in New York. I have nothing but amazing memories in Clearwater Beach. The photo shoot that Pablo set up included one set on a pier, one set with a lipstick red corvette that he rented and one on the beach. Little did I know, that he would ask me to be his wife during the last set. Now, Clearwater Beach has a whole other meaning in my life.

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 | They worked with Pablo on everything!
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 | They worked with Pablo on everything!