Oti and Adrian

how they asked: We have been married for over a year now and we’re so happy together. Everything is perfect and if it’s not, we work at it. Our engagement story is really lovely.

It was 27th of June 2013. My birthday. I was woken up by a really loud knock on my door at 7am. When I opened the door I realised that the 2 man standing there, dressed in suites, with a rose and a present, we’re 2 of my husbands best friends. I was confused but in my heart I realised straight away that this was “the day”. They said happy birthday, handed me the rose and present and said to be ready in an hour because they will come and pick me up because Adrian organised something for my birthday.

Once inside, I opened the present and I’ve, found a letter, a red dress, a drink and a little snack. After I got ready in a very short time, they drove me to one of the most beautiful parks in London, Kyoto Garden, Holland Park. As it was really early in the morning there were not many people around but I’ve started to notice some of his friends hidden in the bush and a professional photographer. I was instructed to go on the bridge and read another letter and look at the book that was on a little table.

Image 1 of Oti and Adrian

When I started to read the letter, I quickly realised that it was the letter that he sent my parents asking my hand in marriage and the book was our 2 years journey in pictures and on the last page a place for my father to sign accepting him as my husband. When I turned around, he was on one knee and asked me to be his wife…

Image 2 of Oti and Adrian

I said yes… The ring is big and beautiful and what makes it super special is that he designed it…

It was so amazing to see how romantic everything was… He did set the standard so high for all the guys we know and he is just working so hard in making me the happiest girl on earth.

Image 3 of Oti and Adrian

I am truly blessed and never dreamed that I would have such an amazing man as my husband…