Oscar and Viviane

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how we met

Around 6 years ago I first saw Viviane dancing in a nightclub in Amsterdam. She was out with a friend a was dancing all night long. I could not keep my eyes off of her. it was enchanting and magical the way she totally did not care about anyone around her and was only dancing with her friend.

This night I did not have the courage to talk to her but she was dancing in my mind ever since. The next time we saw each other I was the one dancing in front op the podium at a concert. The she was the one who noticed me dancing less enchanting but still she was keeping an eye on me. Because she was there with a mutual friend, I could introduce myself to her.

Again I failed to make a proper introduction and just said; Hi, How are you and gave her 3 kisses on the cheeks (3 kisses is a dutch way to greet each other) and moved away from her.
She asked our mutual friend who I was and the next morning she checked up on my Facebook to see that we were already friends.

Then she started liking random pictures of a bird when I was on holiday. That was an opening for me to start chatting with her.

Our first date was to go for one coffee but we managed to stay for 5 hours and already started clicking.

The next date was at the movie “Despicable Me”. Which actually failed to show because of technical difficulties so we had to pick our 3rd date and see the movie again.

Then this failed because we picked the wrong (the dutch version) so we walked out and there was our 4th date.

After finally seeing the movie we were inseparable.

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how they asked

At first my idea was to propose on our snowboard trip in France with our best friends and organize a picnic and a night run with roman candles down the slope. But then our friends could not go with us and I decided to do it back home in Amsterdam.

I work as an editor at a creative studio called The Ambassadors where we do a lot of post production on commercials. (editing, special effects, colour grading etc). Next to my work I also have my own production company where I’m an aspiring director.

The idea was that I was getting my first big assignment as a director for an energy drink. The story was:

“A girl walks her dog in the woods and plays around with a ball. The ball lands at some bored teenagers sitting around with their backpacks. The dog runs after the ball but instead of picking up the ball he picks up a backpack. The dog jumps into a bush with the backpack. The girl shouts and looks at the bush and hears some weird sound. She decides to go and see what the hell is going on. When she looks into the bush she sees that her dog is not there. She hears a growl and an animated wolf appears. The girl is scared and the animated wolf starts to chase her into the woods. She tries to hide and see what is really going on but the wolf reappears. She runs up a hill where she sees her dog sitting on top of an hill. The dog sits quietly and the girl runs towards him. The girl gives the dog a big hug. The dog begins to smile. His eyes begin to sparkle and we cut back to the bush where the backpack lays with an open can where the drink is spilled.”

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Because Viviane is travelling around the world for her job as a model, I had a lot of time working out my proposal idea. She was in Cuba at the moment. I set up email conversations, made a treatment about what the story is about etc, etc. So because it was my first big job I had to make i look real and told Viviane I needed to shoot a storyboard and some shots as a placeholder for the animated wolf that was chasing her. My best friend, also director/cameraman, Stijn had a job the day before my proposal. So we could use the gear he hired for his job. We had a very big camera and lenses and an operator that was in on the plan.

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The location is the Amsterdam forest where Viviane grew up as a child. We always go walk our dog Kiro or go horse riding. So we shot her during a period of 2 hours running/ hiding being scared of an animated wolf that wasn’t even there. During the shoot she was getting annoyed by the time it took and she was texting her friends who were sitting drinking wines in the city. At the end we shot our last takes on the hill in the forest where she had to run up a set of stairs and look backwards till the last step. Then she was allowed to turn her head.

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We did this 3 times with the first two times nothing to see. The last time she ran up, look backwards till the last step she turned her head and I was sitting there.

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She said Yes! Then our friends came jumping out of the bushes with champagne and white roses. Nailed it.

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Stijn Waterman
 | videographer
Oscar Marmelstein
 | videographer