Oscar and Maria

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How We Met

Oscar and I met at an advertising agency we both used to work at in San Antonio, TX. It was about 5 years ago, that we ran into each other in the elevator of the agency, I said good morning to him but he did not reply back. I thought he was rude, but many years later I learned that he was always wearing his headphones and didn’t even hear me. So we met there, but we really never talked nor hanged out together. It was until a year later that I ran into him at a brunch/bar that we said hi and from there we started talking and texting. It all started very friendly, we both enjoyed playing tennis, so we would meet up to play tennis like twice a week until after 6 months of hanging out together, we decided that there was no way out of this, we were deeply in love and needed to make it more serious. So we became a couple and after that, we’ve done so many great things together. We opened our Advertising Agency together along with two other co-founders and we’ve gone on amazing hiking adventures together. We are business partners, co-workers, best friends, and a couple. After 3 years of dating, he proposed to me while we were snowshoeing in Breckenridge, Colorado in a deserted, full of snow beautiful mountain.

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how they asked

I had just gotten back from a family trip and was back at the office working when all of the sudden Oscar tells me, there is a ticket sale and I want to go snowshoeing in Colorado, I just bought some tickets for us, we are going to Breckenridge in 3 weeks. At first, I loved his spontaneity, but then I started freaking out because I had just gotten back and had so much catching up at work, but I don’t know how to say no to a trip, so I was thrilled. The day came and we went to Colorado. We usually go on hiking trips and we push ourselves to do things that we are not accustomed to, so I asked him to please plan this hiking/snowshoeing to be as easy as possible so I can enjoy it vs being stressed about it. So we get to the hiking trail and there is a sign that says the difficulty level of this trail is high. I was sooo mad at him, I could barely breathe because of the Colorado altitude just by walking, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to go up the mountain. So I was a little pissed our whole way up there, complaining about being tired and not being able to breathe. So we finally decided it was getting a little dark and we should get back.

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The sun was starting to set, so he once again pulled out his tripod and phone and set up to take pictures of the sunset, he had been doing this all our way up the mountain. So here I was posing and freezing when all of the sudden I turn around and he is on his knee with this beautiful wooden box and a beautiful ring. It was perfect! The whole mountain was silent, there was a very quiet breeze and no one around us, not even animals. It was just the two of us, professing our love to each other.

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It was magical! I said yes, and then we started hiking downhill and talking about our plans and how we would tell our family and friends. Best hiking/snowshoeing experience of my life! (A big plus was that he actually was taking a video vs photos, so we were able to capture it all on video! We were so blessed, because right after that, like 2 minutes after, his phone died because of the cold :D)

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