Oscar and Juhi

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Me and my boyfriend started dating straight out of high school. We met in our first year of university and have been inseparable since. In our 3rd year of dating he asked me where I would like to be proposed to and being the hard to get/please person I was I said on the moon. Years went by and we grow up together.

We both got into medicine and supported each other through everything life ever threw at us, even managing to do long distance for 3 years. On our 7th year together while still living on a student budget, he rushed me into my room. I walked in there only to see my room looking like the surface of the moon. He had hired a projector to project a photo of the earth from the moon, made little lamps to project stars on the ceiling and most of all he spent everything he had on the most perfect ring from James Allen I have ever seen. While at the time I hadn’t exactly remembered my proposal on the moon comment I couldn’t have been more excited to say yes.

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