Oscar and Jessica

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How We Met

Oscar and I met in the fall of 2009, when I just started my senior year in high school, and Oscar his freshman year in college. Neither of us were particularly seeking a serious relationship, as I was enjoying my last year of high school/preparing to attend the University of New Haven in Connecticut the following year, and Oscar recently getting out of a long-term relationship and wanting to fly solo. Oscar and I met through my best friend who worked at ShopRite with him. One fall night, my best friend, other girlfriends, and I met up with Oscar and another ShopRite co-worker at low and behold…a parking lot (see, in 2009, when you were underage and had nothing to do, parking lot hang outs were cool. Bonus points if you shared a bottle of Majorska). Immediately, I was attracted to Oscar (and vice versa), from his looks to his goofy yet incredibly friendly personality, but didn’t think anything of it, as I didn’t think I would be seeing him again. To my surprise, shortly after our first encounter, I received a message from him on Facebook asking for my number. We swapped numbers, thinking it would be nothing more than a fun hookup, but almost 8 years later, it developed into something a little more serious… After several months of what started as a fun fling, and then lead to dating, Oscar officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I gladly agreed, falling head over heels for a guy I thought I’d never see again!

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Oscar and I have a unique relationship in that we experienced many of life’s growing milestones together. Fast forward some time, and I graduated high school with Oscar cheering me on. Although a difficult decision, we decided to try and make our relationship work as I moved to Connecticut for college and Oscar remained in New Jersey attending college, too. We made it work for a year, but due to many factors, I decided to move back home and attend Rutgers for the remainder of college. Fast forward a few more years, Oscar gets accepted into NJIT, I graduate with my Bachelors and Masters in Criminal Justice, and Oscar then graduates with his Bachelors in Civil Engineering. Although Oscar and I literally grew up together, we both pushed each other to be our own, independent, and hardworking people.

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Both being blessed with careers in the city post-graduation, we moved into an apartment in Harrison, NJ together, and soon after, adopted a sweet fur baby. We experienced it all; from funneling Keystone Lights at our Seaside prom house at the ripe age of 18, to balancing our checkbooks/saving for a retirement fund together, and everything in between. We transitioned from being juveniles to learning how to navigate life as adults together. Having someone to lean on for so many years, for so many life events, for all the good, bad, and the ugly, is priceless. Growing up is scary, and having someone push you to be the best you can be every step of the way is something that we are very lucky to have. Not only is Oscar my soul mate, but more importantly, he’s my best friend.

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how they asked

Being a Jersey Girl, I grew up going to the beach (or shall I say, Jersey Shore). I’ve always felt a deep connection to not only the ocean, but the Shore in general. Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with the beach and how it is literally my sanctuary and happy place. Not only for myself, but my entire family. The memories I have of the shore with my family and friends is indescribable, and when i started dating Oscar, we started making some Jersey Shore memories for ourselves, too. After my parents bought a shore house in Brick, NJ about 5 years ago, the majority of Oscar and I’s summers were spent going down the shore, lazily soaking up the sun during the day, and hitting the boardwalk at night. Our summers spent together could not be more perfect, and my love of the beach rubbed off on Oscar. Spending our weekends at my shore house was something we looked forward to every summer, and we made some beautiful memories there.

The weekend before MDW, we planned to go to my shore house for the weekend with my Mom, sister, and my sister’s boyfriend, Mike. Oscar briefly mentioned wanting to grab brunch over the weekend and taking a walk on the beach at some point, but I didn’t think anything of it. The morning of the proposal, Mike asked me for his help. As he is a graphic designer, he told me he needed some photos of the beach with people modeling for inspiration for some shirts he’s working on. Again, thinking nothing of it, I agreed, looking forward to channeling my inner GiGi Hadid LOL. After a beautiful brunch together, we headed to the beach for the “work photo-shoot.” Mike started shooting some photos of my sister and I, and then suggested Oscar and I take some together. Oscar, walking me towards the water, took my hand and started recounting all the beautiful memories we have made at the shore together. At this point, I somewhat blacked out and can’t remember the rest of his speech as he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, asking me to marry him.

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I was in complete shock, and could not believe it! Oscar had the proposal planned out for months, even hiding the ring in our apartment right under my nose! It was the most perfect way he could propose to me – intimate, personal, and sentimental. Not only for us, but for me especially, as my father unexpectedly passed away in the beginning of the year, taking a huge toll on my family and I.

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Needless to say, it has been an extremely tough year, and Oscar knows how much I have been struggling with the passing of my father. The exact location of the proposal was so sentimental to me as Oscar took me to my father’s most favorite spot on the Point Pleasant Beach. We (including Oscar and my father), spent many summer nights walking to this exact spot of the beach, so it meant the entire world that Oscar proposed there. It was the most exhilarating, surreal, and touching proposal i could ever imagine!

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