Orysia and Mevan

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How We Met

I was having a stressful week (the kind where a million things go wrong) and then all of a sudden my laptop decided to crash. I took my laptop to the electronics store I bought it at to see what my options were with my warranty plan. The guy went to the back to find out for me and came back with bad news. Not only had my laptop crashed, my 4-year warranty expired the day before the crash, leaving me with little to no options. I immediately started to cry, this was the cherry on top of my already terrible week. I felt I was making everyone around me super uncomfortable. Everyone, that is, except Mevan.

Unbeknownst to me Mevan was also working, and months later he confessed this was the moment he wanted to meet me. Fast forward 6 months and my back-up hard drive died as well. I went back to the store, found the first sales guy I could and explained that I didn’t want any of their warranty options (clearly warranty wasn’t on my side). All I wanted was a new computer. Luckily for me, fate had other plans. Something between us clicked. Two hours later I walked out with a new computer and Mevan’s phone number. Less than a week after texting back and forth we went on our first date to the movies and as they say, “The rest is history”. If you ask Mevan, us meeting wasn’t as much fate as it was planning on his end. The second time he saw me coming into the store he recognized me and, “nicely” moved the other salesmen out of the way so that he could come to my rescue the second time and find a reason to talk to me.

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how they asked

For a few weeks leading up to the proposal Mevan kept mentioning that he wanted to grab some coffees and enjoy the fall weather by going for walks more often. Despite our best efforts to find a day to go, we had a hard time setting aside a time for us to go for a walk. Finally, we found a day that worked but shortly after I realized Mevan was on night shifts. I pointed this out to him and asked if another day worked better but he was adamant on getting his shift switched so we could go out. Now this did seem a bit odd, but he does thoughtful things like that occasionally so that we can spend time together.

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Little did I know, Mevan had asked not only my parents permission to marry me but also my best friends. What I also cherish most about our proposal is him sharing his plan with my grandmother, prior to her passing. I was very close with her, and about a year ago, when we found out she would likely not be with us when we married, Mevan told her exactly what he had planned so she knew exactly how he was planning to propose.

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That day he picked me up from work; he was dressed up, had a new hair cut and a grin that ran ear to ear. After picking up a coffee we headed to a park he wanted to show me. He was acting so strange on the car ride there but seemed really excited to go outside, despite the fact that we got our city’s first big snowfall (he usually hates being cold so this was especially out of character). When we pulled up to the park we got out of the car and made our way down a path.

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During our walk we hit an intersection and he didn’t know which way he wanted to go. Later I found out he arranged for my favourite photographer to capture the moment he proposed, but he was so nervous he missed the spot he had chosen with the photographer originally! After convincing me to go back the way we had came, he got me to the “right” spot, and asked me to turn away. My birthday the week before so I thought I was turning around to receive a birthday surprise.

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When he finally got me to turn back towards him, after what seemed like forever, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him with my grandmothers wedding ring. After a moment of pure shock I absolutely said yes!

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I think everyone dreams of how their proposal will go. Never could I have imagined how I felt at that moment, the rush of a million emotions all at one time. It’s nothing but pure joy, excitement and happiness as I think about the fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams!

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