Orville and Michelle

How We Met

A match made in Heaven. Orville and Michelle met at a local church in Sydney Australia, Hillsong Church. They frequently met at Sunday night youth gatherings and got to know each other very well. What started off as a friendship blossomed into a crazy adventure! You can follow their adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #theadventuresoforvilleandmichelle

how they asked

They Live to Tell the Tale: Michelle and Orville regularly hike and do photo shoots all around Sydney, and Michelle begged Orville to visit the ‘Hanging Rock’ at the Blue Mountains during the summer. Since Orville had it on his heart to propose at the beginning of 2018, he researched this location and he organized the date for the hike. He bought the ring and got approval from Michelle’s 3 World Champion Kickboxer brothers (The Badato Brothers) and Michelle’s mother.

On the day of the proposal, Michelle was so excited to see this dangerous lookout point and get a traveller photoshoot, yet she had no idea. After a 1.5 hour trek, they arrived at the hanging rock, and Orville planted the camera at a particular position, flew the drone (and left it on autopilot) and hid a microphone under his shirt. Michelle and Orville jumped across the dangerous gap to get on the cliff and Orville instructed Michelle to stand in a particular spot at the edge. But she started freaking out because of the strong winds, the narrow edge and the drone in the air without him controlling it.  She held onto a small tree for dear life and Michelle didn’t want to move. Orville grabbed Michelle’s hand and walked down to the wider, safer spot. And then, he popped the question …

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