Ortal and Patrick

How We Met

Patrick and I have known each other for years. We met when I was just 12 years old and him 14. My sister and his brother were very close friends and they introduced us. We were each other’s first loves. We lost contact for several years and we reconnected about a year and a half ago, just to realize that we were still really crazy about each other.

how they asked

For Spring break, Patrick and I decided to take a vacation in the South. It was our very first trip together as a couple and we were so excited. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky with the weather because it rained practically every single day – this meant that we barely had the chance to do any fun vacation activities and therefore we barely had any pictures to commemorate our trip. Two days before the end of our vacation, it rained a little in the morning but the sun finally came out towards the afternoon so Patrick suggested that we hire a photographer and have a fun shoot on the beach. We both got dressed nicely and were really happy to be able to take professional pictures together while the sun was still out. After about half an hour of taking pictures, the photographer, who was in on the plan, tells us he has one last spot for us to see. He leads us in the direction of a secluded part of the beach and as Patrick and I are walking, I suddenly see a heart made out of petals on the sand. Next thing I know, Patrick is kneeling down with a red box in his hands, asking me to marry him
– I could barely process what was happening. My whole body went numb and I cried until I literally ran out of tears. He gave me the absolute most beautiful and romantic day of my life.

Image 1 of Ortal and Patrick

Special Thanks

Yamir Hernandez
 | Ocean photo studio