Ornella and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I met on the 7th of January in Rwanda at Africa new life (where my office is) he came to see the Founder of Africa New life and it was more of a work-related meeting.

However, the Founder had told him about me and I would say he kinda led us to each other more like a blind date.

Ornella's Proposal in Zanzibar Tz

We met for a few dates but we were not connecting tbh till he had to travel back to Haiti and both of us didn’t think it was going to work but we kept talking.

Few months after we were dating and traveling together because we were in a long-distance relationship.

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How They Asked

On his 30th we decided to go to Zanzibar a beautiful island in Tanzania, on the 3rd July he organized a massive surprise, A photoshoot with one of the most talented photographers In Tanzania.

At first, I really did not think that it was a professional shoot I thought it was more of a random shoot for us to keep some good memories of Zanzi.

As we kept taking pictures the photographer told us to pretend to hold our eyes and the next thing I know he was kneeling down.

I was I shock because I was really not expecting that and I had mixed emotions and failed to speak for hours but my heart left me and it was over the moon. I said yes to my best friend and to the only man I want to be with!

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