Orlando and Shyan

How We Met

We met 5 years ago via social media, specifically Twitter. At that time she was in Hawaii. I discovered her via the “people you may like” discovery section. I was enamored with her beauty! I slid into her DMs and we immediately clicked!

5 years later – we are still inseparable and now engaged.

How They Asked

We hiked the Stairway to Heaven, aka Haiku Stairs, in Oahu, Hawaii. We began the hike around 5 am as I was attempting to time it for sunrise. However, we got lost in an unfamiliar forest and struggled for 2 hours to get to the beginning of the hike.

Once we finally got to the top of the hike, I asked another person who happened to be doing the hike if he would record the proposal for me! He quickly agreed!

We set up the proposal on a rooftop of a small building at the top of the hike! It was beautiful scenery. I popped the question, and she said yes!!! However, after we showed mutual appreciation for each other, I began to climb down the platform. Due to how giddy and excited I was, I misplaced my step as I was climbing down and fell face first onto a metal railing. I ended up majorly chipping two of my front teeth! I also split my bottom lip, which ended up needing stitches!

It was an amazing adventure and the story of a lifetime! My face is rapidly healing and our amazing story is now timeless :)

Our Video