Orit and Ivan

How We Met: Ivan and I had worked at a restaurant together when we were teenagers. He began work the month that I left. We had mutual friends so we kept in touch and chatted often, but always thought of each other as friends.

Fast-forward three years. I’m on a date-gone-wrong where the guy I’d been seeing introduces me to his girlfriend! That same night, Ivan and our mutual friend happen to be in my city. They swoop in and save the night and we end up having a blast.


After that, Ivan and I talk often but don’t see each other for another year because we live over an hour apart. That winter, a friend offers me his apartment in Barcelona while he’s away for the holidays. On a whim, I invite Ivan – thinking it’d be great to have a Spanish-speaking friend with me in a foreign country. Being just as adventurous as me, he agrees. We spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve together and after 10 days in Spain, we unknowingly fall in love. We returned home from our trip and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked: Ivan can be pretty romantic so I didn’t think much when he planned a spur-of-the-moment city date. First, he took me for a whimsical brunch at Gallow Green. We kept getting interrupted by texts, which he managed to convince me was work-related (since he’s a project manager and often has construction going on during the weekends).

Ivan suggested we follow brunch with a gondola ride in Central Park. But he insisted we linger at the restaurant suspiciously long and I began to wonder what was going on. When we finally made it to the boathouse, we found out gondolas were reservation-only so we had to settle for a rowboat. At that point, any suspicions I had were gone – Ivan is too well-planned to miss a detail.

On the boat, the texts continued and I began to become impatient with how much more attention his phone was getting than me. Frustrated, I began to row back to dock. Then, Ivan looked up from his phone, grabbed the ores, and dropped a line I’ll never forget.


The best part? He had a photographer in the bushes, a drone overhead, and our parents waiting for us when we got off the boat. I guess Ivan did have a project going on that weekend after all!





Photos by: Dazzle & Joe

Video by: Farshad Foroudi