Oriana and Juan


How We Met

Juan and I met on Tinder (I know what you’re thinking, do not be judgy about it). I saw his profile and I he seemed adventurous and funny, he had a quote from The Office and I love that show, it was: “Bears, beets, Ballestar Galactica”… That phrase made me swipe right.

After a few weeks texting he invited me out for our first date, which was amazing, from that date we’ve become inseparable. I know we don’t have the most romantic story of how we met, but what matters is the story we’re creating together since.

Juan is Cuban, and I am Venezuelan. He came to Miami almost 20 years ago, and me barely 2 years ago. We come from different cultures, we lived different experiences in our childhood and adolescence, we even understand each other better in two different languages (I speak mostly Spanish and he mostly English) so when we think about it, the odds of meeting each other were so little! But look, here I am telling the story of how the man of my dreams proposed me to spend the rest of our lives together. When love is meant to be, everything is possible.


how they asked

Last weekend we traveled to Chicago because I had some errands to run there and because Juan loves Chicago he went with me. On Sunday we had decided to relax and explore the city, no pressures, no itinerary (but little I knew he had such a big surprise in mind). I noticed he was very stressed and was acting weird the whole day, I know when something is going on with him, I asked him but he said “I just want to show you the most I can of the city”. We walked to Navy Pier and he told me he wanted a picture of us together, he approached a guy with a camera and gave him his phone. When Juan got closer to me he said “I know we’ve talked about this before, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” he paused and said “Oh God I am so nervous” while kneeling down, that’s when I realized what was happening, he took a small box out of his pocket and asked “Will you marry me?”


I was so in shock I couldn’t answer I just nodded and started crying, he even had to ask “Should I take that as a yes?” there’s when I replied “Yes!”.


The guy with the camera was a photographer Juan had contacted to take pictures of the proposal, and at the same time he was streaming it live on Periscope to my family in Venezuela and all my friends who live around the world. Everybody knew he was going to propose to me on the trip to Chicago!

I am so happy and excited to spend the rest of my life with him. The proposal is the best memory I’m taking from Chicago, and the ring the best souvenir!