Oran and Clare

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How We Met

We met in Florence, Italy two and a half years prior on a study abroad trip. I had never met her or half the other students on this trip before landing on the foreign soil. I knew clare was something special when she sat down beside me at a small deli and said “where you from” in a real southern accent. See I’m from Louisiana and she’s from Tennessee so the accent was important to me! One of our first adventures together was Venice and I’ll never forget those days. The only thing we regretted while in Venice was riding in a Gondola together. So it only fits that on our special day we would finally get that ride! And in my home state of Louisiana of all places!

how they asked

I had been in Tanzania Africa working as nursing student in a mission hospital for five weeks. The moment I landed over seas I knew I wanted to ask Clare to be my wife as soon as I arrived back home. I had no idea how I’d pull it off across the world in a third world country with limited internet access. All I can say is I have extraordinary friends and family to help me ask the women of my dreams be mine forever. After a two day bus ride and 3 flights I finally arrived back home from Africa to meet my soon to be fiancé at the airport with my family. It took a little work to get her to the city park where the boat was, but once we “set sail” the rest is history. After floating around in and out of canals we came upon a bottle in the water. The driver of the boat asked me to lift the bottle in to the boat. Clare whispered into my ear “what if it’s a bomb”.

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She had no idea! As I pulled the cork out and retrieved the parchment paper inside, I thought surely shad had to realize it was happening by now! Instead Clare whispered again “don’t you think he should read that”. She still was clueless! As I moved to get down in front over her and began to read what I had typed out on the parchment the tears started to stream down her face. She was in shock. She was beautiful. She said yes!

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