Opal Engagement Rings

While putting together our October birthstone gift guide we fell head-over-heels for the Opal gemstone! An Opal stone can have so many different looks, which is why it’s such a popular stone – there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re an October-born baby or not, there’s no denying that Opal engagement rings are stunning. Lucky for you, today we’ve rounded up a ton of swoon-worthy Opal engagement rings!

swoon-worthy opal engagement rings

Photo By Stephanie W. Photography


Opal Cushion Engagement Ring

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Omg, we’re obsessed! This simple band is everything! The Opal stone is quite the eye-catcher here! This Opal Cushion engagement ring from Blue Nile has us swooning!

Stardust Bea Ring

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How stunning is this Stardust Bea Ring by Anna Sheffield?! We can’t stop staring! Down to every last detail, we’re in love with this ring! And this Opal stone is absolutely beautiful!

14K Gold Opal and Diamond Beaded Double Halo Ring

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Talk about eye-catching! This stunning 14K Gold Opal and Diamond engagement ring from James Allen is our absolute favorite! If your partner is looking for a ring unlike any other, this is the one for them! How gorgeous is the halo detail!?

14K Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond Halo Ring

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You’re going to want to click the link to see this stunning ring up close.. We’re seriously obsessed with it! The diamond halo and the 14K Yellow Gold detail next to the Opal gemstone is so elegant!

Opal and Double Diamond Engagement Ring

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Diamond or Opal!? Who said you had to choose? We’re in love with this Opal and Diamond engagement ring! This ring has it all!


Oval Cabochon Pink Opal Ring

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Like we mentioned above, the Opal gemstone can be so many different colors! And who said pretty in pink was out of style!? We’re loving this Oval Cabochon Pink Opal engagement ring! Is your partner a “show-it-off” type? If so, this is the perfect engagement ring for them!

Opal and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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TALK ABOUT BLING, BABY!!! How glamorous is this Opal and Diamond Halo ring!? We’re completely speechless! The diamond ring band and halo is making the Opal stand out, which is EXACTLY why we love it!

Oval Cabochon Opal Engagement Ring

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This Oval Cabochon Opal engagement ring is giving us mystical vibes! We’re obsessed with this unique piece! The detail is dreamy and we can’t seem to get enough of this Opal stone!

Opal Rope Engagement Ring

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We’ve never seen an Opal look so sparkly! *Insert heart-eye emoji here!* We’re a sucker for a detailed band and this one is no exception! This Opal Rope engagement ring is classy yet modern, and your partner is sure to love it!

14K Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

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While there’s a gorgeous diamond detail on this 14K Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond Pave engagement ring, this is the perfect piece for your partner if they don’t want anything too flashy. Minimalistic engagement rings have been a popular trend lately, and while this isn’t totally a minimalistic ring, it’s relatively close for an Opal ring!

Butterfly Single Wrap Ring

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We’ve been obsessed with Anna Sheffield jewelry lately and this Butterfly Single Wrap Opal engagement ring is one of our favorites! It’s so unique! If your partner is a rose-gold loving type, this is the perfect ring for them!

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