Onorina and Michael

How We Met

We met one night back in 2012, at a law firm in Sydney where he was working at the time. Michael was a Law Clerk working his way to becoming a Lawyer and I was a Law Student.

His work was hosting an Interview Skills Workshop for University Students wishing to pursue a career in law, advising them about networking and interviewing techniques. The night started off with a formal presentation, which Michael took part in – although I could not see him as I was seated way up the back of the room. After this, the students in attendance and the employees were able to socialise and interact.

During this social part of the night, I happened to be talking to another student when Michael approached us. He had come to speak to this student because she had asked him a question during the presentation. It was then that we got talking. I am not sure what happened to that student but Michael and I ended up talking for hours and lost track of the time. It had gotten so late that all my friends had left!

I never saw him again. However, about one year later I received a friend request from him on Facebook. We got talking and he asked me to catch up with him. Three weeks later he told me he loved me.

how they asked

On 21 April 2016, it was our 3 year anniversary. I met up with Michael in the city after work as we had planned to go to a restaurant in Sydney Darling Harbour, where we had gone on one of our first dates. As we were walking along the harbour towards the restaurant, he stopped and pointed to an Italian speed boat in the distance. He said that it looked like a boat that one of his clients owned. As we walked closer towards this boat, he pointed out that his client, Brad, was standing in the boat. We said hello and they both started discussing work. Brad then discussed how he had been taking around some American tourists in his boat for the past few days and that they have been spending big at the Star Casino. However, he explained that they had just cancelled on him for the rest of the afternoon. He also said that there was Champagne and food on board, which these tourists had paid for but not even touched.

Brad asked if we would like to go on for a ride. At first I felt a bit hesitate because since I had been made aware that he was Michael’s client, I did not want to impose. However, Brad insisted and explained that he owed Michael due to all the legal work he had done for him. So we went on the boat, soaking up the sunlight as we took photos and drank Champagne with an amazing cheese platter.

Brad took us around the harbour, underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to the Sydney Opera House. He took us to a spot that he said would be a great photo opportunity. He eventually stopped the boat at a stunning spot in front of the Bridge and the Opera House with the sun shining down on it, about to set. Michael then handed Brad his mobile phone to take a photo of us, while I was adjusting my hair and outfit in preparation for the photo.

While doing so, Michael turned around and said, “This spot would be a good photo opportunity for some loser to take out a box like this and propose to his girlfriend”. He then took out a small box from his jacket and went down on one knee. He told me that I was his soul mate and asked me to marry him.

Image 1 of Onorina and Michael

I could not believe it. I suddenly realised that this was all set up and arranged by him for me. He and Brad did not even know each other and had never met before. Yet, I did not suspect a thing. Of course, I said yes. I could not stop hugging and kissing him, that I completely forgot about the ring which he was still holding. He then had to remind me to put it on!

The boat then docked at Woolloomooloo, where we went off and had a romantic dinner at Otto Ristorante. We could not contain our excitement that we started calling family then and there to tell them the exciting news. We were then driven to my house in a Jaguar where his parents and my parents were waiting to celebrate.

It was truly a magical day.

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