Online Love Stories from Tinder, Bumble,, & More!

While many still joke about finding your soulmate on the internet, we see tons of proposal stories submitted on our site and more often than not, the couple met on the internet. Whether it be on eHarmony, Bumble, or Tinder, we’ve seen a successful love story come from each and every one of these platforms. So, if you find dating hard (we get it, it’s not easy!), think about trying an online platform! Want a little more inspiration? Keep reading to see some of our favorite love stories, where the couple met online!

online dating: proposal success stories!


Marriage Proposal Ideas in Duomo di MilanoRead Adrienna and Frank’s Love Story

“Frank and I are a #tindersuccessstory! We matched on Tinder AND Bumble, but Frank was the first to message. I was taking a break from dating at the time and was deleting all my apps on my phone while I was at work. I was a wedding planner and bridal boutique owner at the time, and we had a huge wedding that weekend (Thanksgiving weekend), so I gave him my phone number to text me. We texted all Thanksgiving weekend long, and I was pretty smitten. He planned out our first date, and even bought an iron so he could iron his shirt before our date!”

Where to Propose in Central Park, New York, NYRead Kasey and Georgios’s Love Story

“We met on Tinder and our first date was actually 2 dates the same day because we liked each other so much. Less than a year later, we’re engaged!”

Emily and Travis's Engagement in Naples, FloridaRead Emily and Travis’s Love Story

“About three years ago Travis and I swiped right on each other on Tinder. I just remember thinking how CUTE he was and he was so easy to talk to! He was supposed to drive down to my hometown to spend a day at the beach with me but I chickened out and bailed on him last minute. After that we didn’t talk for four months. Yikes. Finally I got a random snapchat from him and decided to shoot my shot. I told him my days off that week and we finally had our first date and the rest is history…”

“We first met on Tinder, the dating app, almost five years ago. I guess you could say it was love at first swipe.”


Marriage Proposal Ideas in Malibu, CaliforniaRead Michelle and Jay’s Love Story

“Jay and I met, as millennials do, on Bumble. We matched in December 2017 and were immediately drawn to one another. We met two days later at a Mexican restaurant near the Santa Monica Pier. To our surprise as we walked in, we were offered tequila shots by the manager, we later discovered, and of course, obliged (he must have known how nervous we were!).”

Where to Propose in The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DCRead Cassie and Alexa’s Love Story

“Alexa and I met nearly two years ago through Bumble.Alexa’s bio on Bumble mentioned that she was a geologist so of course, I chose to go with a rock pun. “You’re a geologist? That rocks!” was my first message.”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bartaco in mid-town ATLANTARead Kemberly and Rae’s Love Story

“Rae and I met on Bumble. We decided to meet at Bartaco for drinks to just meet each other for the first time. Meeting for drinks turned into a three and a half date over tacos. We both wanted to be longer, but neither to feel awkward about hi-jacking the other’s day.”

Read Amelia and Daniel’s Love Story

“We met like many millennials these days, through the internet. Bumble to be exact. Our first date was the day before Thanksgiving in 2017. He had a steak, and I had the shrimp. Ironically the very same thing we’d end up having the night he proposed. I guess you can say we’re creatures of habit.”


Read Michelle and Lee’s Love Story

“I had joined around the middle of 2016 as a way of meeting some new people due to my life at the time being consumed with working and looking after kids. One day in November I was at work when I was alerted to having received a message from a girl on This was something extremely unusual (in fact I don’t think I’d ever received a message out of the blue before) so I was very excited to see what it said….”

Read Sarah and Matt’s Love Story

“We met on of all places. After about a week of messaging each other online, Matt asked me out for drinks which was surprising, cause so many guys just seem to ghost you online. We decided to meet at Yardhouse to grab beers. It seemed to go really well because after we finished our drinks we left Yardhouse and then walked around for a couple more hours. By the end of the date, we both seemed really interested in going out again and the rest is history.”

Read Cristina and Shelley’s Love Story

“On Valentines Day, I was on looking for the next man I would date…yep, apparently I was the only one who believed that my next serious relationship would be with a man. So, back to Valentines Day…I decided to look on match and just “casually see” what was on the “other side.”


Read Jessica and Aaron’s Love Story

“Jess and I met online through eharmony. After several weeks of talking first online and then over the phone we decided to go out on a date. I picked her up at her place and the first thing I thought was she is actually the person in her pics online.”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dinner

Read Mekdes and Wayne’s Love Story

“Wayne and I met on eharmony. I was the first to initiate contact, he took few days to respond. After his first response, it was a go for we talked every night. Seven months later he asked me to be his bride. He was God sent, made just for me. I thank eharmony for being the avenue to love.”

Read Christina and Nathan’s Love Story

“Nathan and Christina met in a unique setting of a nationwide search for true love… online… in October of 2014 (thank you eharmony). Christina’s page showed an outgoing beautiful young lady who was both educated and enjoyed being active. She was just finishing her master’s program and was considering moving out to Arizona to start her career. She was a perfect fit for Nathan. Nathan’s page showed a handsome young man (after some tricky photography), one who was also active and in the midst of his master’s program….”


Read Juliana and Daniel’s Love Story

“Danny, a college senior at the University of Connecticut, first matched with me, a Cleveland Institute of Music violinist, on the dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. Although finding someone online has a bad reputation, both Danny and I knew exactly what we were looking for!”

Read Candice and Brian’s Love Story

Candice and I were connected through Coffee Meets Bagel (a dating app that actually connected many of our friends) while I was at a bachelor party in Lake Tahoe on February 27, 2015. Candice and I clicked immediately, talking about our shared interests like food and hiking. On our first date, we hit it off over dinner and got dessert at my third favorite ice cream spot (Polly Ann’s in San Francisco). It’s been over four wonderful years since then and I’m ecstatic to be getting married!

Read Camille and Jeremy’s Love Story

“We met on the app, Coffee Meets Bagel! I wasn’t expecting much, so I was hesitant, but after that first date date, I felt I already knew where things were going.”

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